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mokulen   Jun 29, 2015   Gallery

Outside Wyndham's Theatre

A few pictures of Damian after the final performance of American Buffalo.

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2015/06/27 Outside Wyndham’s Theatre

sami   Jun 27, 2015   American Buffalo

American Buffalo is amazing play with absolute fabulous  performances.especially Damian Lewis delivered an impressive performance and fascinated critics and audience likewise and the acclaim was well deserved.


Damian Lewis performance was acting masterclass and reached again a new scale and measure. It was like every role different from the other and now Damian proved to be a real comedian with the depth to show very well the shallowness and emptiness Walter “Teach” Cole tries to cover almost the whole play but Damian Lewis captured perfectly the character of Teach and showed between all the comedy how fragile and ruined his character is and how desperately he wants to cover it.


Damian delivered the best performance we have ever seen on stage and brought together so well the comedy and the masculinity the play inhabits without too much false desperation but with a performance you take with you for a long time and makes you think about friendship and how much we all want to be important one way or the other…



Thank you very much to everyone involved!! It was a very special experience and will always be a wonderful memory. Thanks to all of you who tweeted and shared your fantastic comments!!!!!!! For the last time:


Thank you American Buffalo

Thank you Damian Lewis 




mokulen   Jun 27, 2015   Gallery

At the KidZania Launch

Damian attended a tea party to celebrate the opening of KidZania London on Friday. Click below for pictures!

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2015/06/27 KidZania London Launch

sami   Jun 25, 2015   Site

Versatility or a man for all seasons!

enjoy the day fans:-)


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sami   Jun 22, 2015   American Buffalo, Theatre

American Buffalo is about to end so please go and see for yourself..

audience and critic’s are sure:

American Buffalo is a sensational play and the acclaim for Damian Lewis well deserved!!IMG_20150524_193903


and we feel grateful to witnessed such strong and powerful performances especially from Damian Lewis as Walter “Teach”Cole or as one audience member recently said:”easily one of the best performances I have ever seen on stage”

and another shared via twitter:

“Damian Lewis has made Teach my favourite character on stage and American Buffalo my favourite play”.

well said and full agreement from here

grab the last chance to get your ticket…here:


re read reviews and YOUR best comments here and here


we are happy to read and retweet your fabulous comments about the play and Mr.Lewis in general on Twitter





source:twitter @AmBuffaloPlay