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sami   Jan 28, 2015   Wolf Hall

Wolf Hall second episode tonight 9 pm on BBC2

see more of the most anticipated mini series of the year!!


sami   Jan 27, 2015   Queen of the Desert


Screening Dates

Fri Feb 06 18:45   Berlinale Palast

Sat Feb 07 09:30    Zoo Palast 1

Sat Feb 07 12:00    Friedrichstadt-Palast (G)

Sat Feb 07 21:00   Friedrichstadt-Palast (G)

Sun Feb 15 10:00   Friedrichstadt-Palast (G)




The film tells the story of Gertrude Bell (1868-1926) who, as historian, novelist and member of the British secret service, played a decisive role around 1920 in setting the course for the new political order in the Middle East. As an educated young woman, for whom no suitable husband can be found in England, she journeys to Tehran. After a tragic love affair with diplomat and inveterate gambler Henry Cadogan, she decides to give up on her private life and discover the region as an explorer. Before the backdrop of the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire she learns languages, translates literature, meets with Muslim dignitaries in Cairo, Basra and Baghdad and earns their trust through her pluck and respect. Predestined to be a mediator between the Orient and the British Empire, she contributes to defining the new borders in the region after the First World War. And then love enters her life once again.

Werner Herzog uses the vast desert landscapes to depict the architecture of his characters’ souls. A panoramic epic about the woman who has gone down in history as ‘the female Lawrence of Arabia’.


USA 2014, 125 min



Source: Berlin International Film Festival

sami   Jan 24, 2015   American Buffalo



American Buffalo is probably one of the hottest tickets in town for spring theatre season!!

don’t miss the opportunity to see Mamet s brilliant play on stage lead by Damian Lewis

three marvelous actors will perform at the Wyndham Theatre in London and it will be THE event of the season!!

get your tickets here:

here is what Mr.Goodman told the Guardian:

I’m delighted to be returning to the stage … in such a fantastic project with two brilliant British actors both of whom I’ve admired for some time. David Mamet is a writer I have loved throughout my career and so I’m thrilled to be bringing his work alive on stage.”

sami   Jan 23, 2015   American Buffalo

all about cast plot the book and how to get!!


it started all back in December 2014 with the news that Damian Lewis returns to the stage after five years of absence


brilliant director Daniel Evans tweeted:

“Thrilled beyond measure to be collaborating with on this in the spring”

and now….



According to the Daily Mail, John Goodman and Tom Sturridge will team up with Damian Lewis in this spring’s West End production of AMERICAN BUFFALO. David Mamet‘s play, helmed by Daniel Evans, will run at Wyndham’s Theatre from April 16, with a closing date set for June 27, 2015.

Goodman told the Mail that acting onstage in London “is definitely on my bucket list. I was too frightened to say ‘No’. I said ‘Yes’ before I could scare myself.” The actor’s decision also came after he was certain his knees could handle the job. “I had a second knee replacement last March, so they’re good to go. I can tread as many boards as I want, as long as they’ll have me.”

Goodman will play junk shop owner ‘Don’, who joins with Teach (Lewis) and the “dim-witted but loyal” Bobby (Sturridge) in a doomed business enterprise. This will be both Goodman and Sturridge’s West End debuts.

Goodman last appeared on Broadway in the 2009 revival of WAITING FOR GODOT. Before that, he graced the stage in BIG RIVER, which earned him a Drama Desk nomination. The actor’s upcoming big screen projects include TRUMBO and VALENCIA. He also recently appeared in the Amazon series ALPHA HOUSE and the movies THE GAMBLER, THE MONUMENTS MEN, MONSTERS UNIVERSITY and INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS.

Tony nominee Sturridge recently appeared on Broadway in ORPHANS, as well as onstage in NO QUARTER at the Royal Court. His upcoming screen credits include FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD, opposite Carey Mulligan, and the role of ‘Henry VI’ in THE HOLLOW CROWN.

Mamet’s play last graced London in 2000. AMERICAN BUFFALO, which follows a trio of would-be burglars with characteristic Mamet-style dialogue, opened on Broadway in 1977 and was nominated for two Tony Awards. It’s seen three Broadway revivals since and was also adapted for the big screen in 1996.

Tom Sturridge about the news:

The pair will star alongside Damian Lewis, which fellow British actor Sturridge says he is most excited about

He said the most exciting thing about the project was the involvement of his fellow actors — Lewis and Goodman — as well as director Daniel Evans and producer Matthew Byam Shaw.

Sturridge recalled watching Lewis appear at the National Theatre in Pillars Of The Community and on screen in Keane, in the span of about a week.

‘I remember thinking: “Who the f*** is this guy?!” They were electrifying performances.’

Of Goodman, he said: ‘Legend is an appropriate word.’

The Plot;

American Buffalo is a 1975 play by American playwright David Mamet which had its premiere in a showcase production at theGoodman Theatre, Chicago. After two more showcase productions, it opened on Broadway on February 16, 1977.Critic Frank Rich called it “one of the best American plays of the last decade.”

Act I takes place at about 11 AM. Don, who owns the junk shop where the entire play takes place, has sold a buffalo nickel to a customer for ninety dollars but now suspects it is worth considerably more. He and his young gofer, Bob (sometimes called Bobby), plan to steal the coin back. Bob has been keeping watch on the customer’s house and reports that he has left for the weekend with a suitcase. Teach, a poker buddy of Don’s, arrives and learns of the scheme. He persuades Don that Bob is too inexperienced and untrustworthy for the burglary, and proposes himself as Bob’s replacement. Teach suggests they steal the whole coin collection and more. Don insists on their poker buddy Fletcher going with Teach. Teach continues to argue that he can do without Fletcher.
Act II takes place a little before midnight on the same day. Teach and Don make final preparations to begin the burglary while waiting for Fletcher, who is late. Teach tells Don that Fletcher is a liar and a cheater at cards, and prepares to go commit the burglary on his own. Don is trying to persuade him not to take his gun with him when Bob appears at the store. He attempts to sell Don a buffalo nickel, similar to the one Don had sold the customer. When asked where he got the coin, Bob is evasive. Teach suspects that Bob and Fletcher have organized and completed their own burglary behind Don and Teach’s backs. He asks Bob where Fletcher is. Bob tells him that Fletcher was mugged by some Mexicans and is in a hospital, but when Don calls the hospital, they have no record of his admission. Bob claims that he must have been mistaken about the name of the hospital, but the suspicious Teach strikes him on the head with a metal object. Another friend calls, corroborating Bob’s story and naming the correct hospital. Don calls the hospital and confirms that Fletcher has been admitted with a broken jaw. Bob confesses that he made up the story about the customer leaving with a suitcase, and that he bought the second nickel from a coin dealer to make up to Don for his failure to keep tabs on the customer. Don admonishes Teach for wounding Bob and orders him to get his car so they can take him to the hospital.
As is emblematic of Mamet’s writing style, the play’s dialogue is sometimes terse and often vulgar. Teach says “cunt” numerous times and both Don and Teach say “fuck” even more. (By way of contrast, the younger character Bobby only says “fuck” in situations of extreme duress: immediately after being beaten and his final apology to Donnie.) Mamet’s profanity is not employed for shock value, but is rather an integral component of his characters’ “profane poetry”, which, according to frequent collaborator Gregory Mosher, “worked the iambic pentameter out of the vernacular of the underclass.”The characters’ sometimes vulgar lexicon, moreover, may be seen as psychologically necessary armor against their brutal environment.
The parenthetical stage directions are straightforward and do not provide line readings.
buy the book here:



tickets for the play are hot stuff so get yourself a ticket before its too late

we are very excited about the project and again we are so lucky to have a year full of exciting projects coming

for Damian Lewis and us.-) thank you!!

sami   Jan 23, 2015   Billions

we are a lucky bunch of fans these days with so many exciting projects today now the first tweets about Billions ever made and again from here BEST OF LUCK!!

from Neil Burger and Brain Koppelman

Neil BurgerVerified account‏@NeilBurger

Great first day shooting the new showtime pilot #billions. A pleasure to be working w Paul Giamatti, @briankoppelman and @DavidLevien again

Brian KoppelmanVerified account‏@briankoppelman

Day 4 shooting Billions. Kick ass crew. Kick ass cast. And a kick ass location.

source Twitter

Billions is a fictional drama that takes a forensic look at the world of high finance by tracking the approaching collision between two titanic figures — the hard-charging, whip-smart U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhodes (Giamatti), and the brilliant, ambitious hedge-fund king, Bobby “Axe” Axelrod (Lewis).

we can t wait to see and hear more about the project