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sami   May 28, 2015   American Buffalo

catch American Buffalo if you see

a stellar cast and breathtaking performances!!

Damian Lewis gives a masterclass in acting!!

Teach is shallowness and sadness covered in a purple suit and behind the mask of a “business man”

comedic timing mixed with bitter sweet life experiences makes his “Teach”an amazing character to watch.

get yourself ready for a fantastic theatre journey….one of the rare occasions when actors and audience really bonding…



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sami   May 28, 2015   Queen of the Desert

read more about the release and look forward to see Damian Lewis as Charles Doughty-Whiley opposite Nicole Kidman as Gertrude Bell and re watch Berlin Film Festival clip with us.

we keep you informed as soon as there is more news about the release as well as with any other project of Mr.Lewis

Director Werner Herzog’s Queen of the Desert, starring Nicole Kidman and James Franco, has been picked up by Atlas Distribution Co., marking the first time the entity will distribute a movie without Atlas Shrugged in the title.

Queen of the Desert tells the true story of Gertrude Bell, played by Kidman, who was a British spy, an archaeologist, and more at the turn of last century and ended up playing a major role in establishing the modern state of Iraq. She wielded an enormous amount of power for a woman of her era.


Atlas Distribution was founded by John Aglialoro and Harmon Kaslow to distribute their trio of Atlas Shrugged movies, and they said a year ago they’d keep the company intact, infuse it with $25 million and release more films.

Queen of the Desert is the first in that effort, and it is planned for release in late September on 1,000 screens.

The Atlas Shrugged movies, of course, were based on Ayn Rand’s novel of the same name that is infused with individualistic themes that Kaslow says are present in Queen of the Desert as well.

“Gertrude Bell was a real-life Randian hero,” Kaslow said. “This is exactly the type of film we hope to bring to the masses with Atlas Distribution — an incredible heroine who thought for herself, took orders from no one and had a lasting impact on the world.”

The film also stars Robert Pattinson as T.E. Lawrence,and Damian Lewis as Charles Doughty-Whiley The movie is produced by Nick Raslan and Sierra/Affinity.

Damian Lewis at the  'Queen of the Desert' premiere during the 65th Berlinale International Film Festival at Berlinale Palace on February 6th


see the film clip here:

Site stuff note:

Charles Doughty-Whiley and Gertrude Bell exchanged letter for a long time, read here some extracts

all the letters can be find in the book ” Gertrude Bell the Arabian Diaries” thank you

Their letters constitute an excursion into late Victorian romanticism.

His are filled with poetic images of an enclosed garden, his metaphor for their relationship.

Invoking, as he consistently did, the heart of the mind instead of the body must have

seemed a rather breath-taking evasion to a woman long deprived of earthly love.

How unfulfilling for her to read in his letters about an imaginary place where the two of them might

dwell together in spiritual ,if not physical, union.


It was the latter that Bell both feared and desired, having learned that attachments could be ephemeral.

She Wanted commitment; he could not give it.

Thus, they reached an impasse that neither was able to resolve.

“If you knew the way I have packed backwards and forwards on the floor of hell for the past few months. “  Bell wrote a friend before leaving for Arabia in November 1913,” you would think me


right to try and find any way out.”

(Winstone 1978b132)

There would be consolation in the desert.

Rumors increased Arab displeasure with Turkish rule were an added enticement.


“My dear “Dick wrote that autumn, as she made plans to leave England

“ I want to see you but that of course can’t be until God pleases —-my dear, I wish

you the best of Luck on your adventure , and may all run easy for you….someday perhaps we will do

a track together” (Charles Doughty-Wylie to Gertrude Bell 6 Oct.1913)

to speak lightly about danger was part of the sangfroid of prewar Edwardian culture.

In truth she was going headlong into a thicket of tribal war, a place few Westerners had entered

and only then  when compelled by important errands.






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please notice this is a confirmed message from Mr.Michael Conlon PA of Mr.Lewis

if you want to get an autograph or a signed picture PLEASE include a stamped envelope!!

don’t send money or anything else please include a stamped envelope this is the best way and only way to get your autograph.

Please ask your local post office for further’s definitely possible to send a stamped envelope!!


here is the correct adress:

Damian Lewis

Markham, Froggatt and Irwin

4 Windmill St.

London W1T 2HZ

Great Britain

sami   May 24, 2015   American Buffalo

American Buffalo is a must see and not only because of a star cast but for their incredible performances!!


Damian Lewis as Walter “Teach”Cole

is a masterclass in acting and his comedic timing paired with some bittersweet moments is simply extraordinary

Don’t miss it and get your tickets here: