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sami   Aug 2, 2015   Queen of the Desert

Another absolutely beautiful picture of Nicole Kidman and Damian Lewis as Charles Doughty-Whiley and Gertrude Bell in Queen of the Desert

source and our BIG thank you to @QueenfilmFan


Queen of the Desert soon in cinemas!!

sami   Jul 31, 2015   Queen of the Desert

See a new pictures of Damian Lewis and Nicole Kidman as Charles Doughty-Whiley and Gertrude Bell

as always special thanks to @QueenfilmFan for the find and see more here:

Queen of the Desert will be released soon please check back on the official website of the movie here:

for trailer,stills and more about the film please use our category link.Thank you!





sami   Jul 28, 2015   Damian Lewis

We’re happy to share a confirmed message from Mr.Michael Conlon PA of Mr.Lewis

if you would like to get an autograph or a signed picture PLEASE include a stamped envelope!

This is the best way to get your autograph!!


here is the correct adress:

Markham, Froggatt and Irwin

Damian Lewis

4 Windmill St. London W1T 2HZ

Great Britain


sami   Jul 25, 2015   Billions

Malin Akerman shared a wonderful picture from the Billions shooting.

“Some serious subject matter…Shooting @SHO_Billions. Very excited about this one”

copyright,wording and source Malin Akerman via Twitter @MalinAkerman and via Facebook: Malin Akerman

thank you very much for sharing!! 

we look forward to see this very exciting project and we again wish cast and crew a wonderful time shooting Billions!




mokulen   Jul 19, 2015   Gallery

2015 photoshoot

I made a small update to one of the photo sessions from earlier this year – I replaced a couple pictures with higher quality files and added a new one.

Gallery Link:
Photoshoots > Session 087