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Truth after party

Damian attended the Cinema Society after party for the ‘Truth’ film screening in NYC on Wednesday. Click below for pics.

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See and read more from the New York Festival…

Cleo a new play by Laurence Wright was presented at the festival in a special reading with Damian Lewis as Richard Burton

Directed by Bob Balaban and penned by The New Yorker’s Lawrence Wright, ‘Cleo’ peeks behind the scenes of the expensive epic when the two stars began their scandalous love affair.

Cleopatra remains one of the most fiery and entertaining epics in Hollywood history, both onscreen and off, and a new play that explores the expensive, embattled film’s behind-the-scenes scandal between stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton has made its public debut.

Damien Lewis Lily Rabe Cleopatra New Yorker 2 H 2015
“What you’re going to hear is the 55th draft,” said New Yorker staff writer Lawrence Wright of his play Cleo to its first audience on Sunday morning in New York City, as part of the magazine’s annual festival. And after discouraging the Directors Guild Theater ticketholders from using their phones use during the performance, he added in reference to his expose on the topic, “The magazine has thoughtfully placed Scientologists around the auditorium if you violate any of those things!”

refaced by the trailer for the original 1963 film on a large screen, the Bob Balaban-directed reading starred Damian Lewis as Burton and Lily Rabe as Taylor. The clever, adage-filled script spanned from just before Burton’s arrival until the troubled production’s final day on set, and between shooting the film’s most memorable scenes, the two stars were portrayed discussing their views on love, marriage, talent and fame while inside each other’s trailers.

Amidst moments of heated passion and heartbreak, Lewis humored the audience with his drunken, charismatic performance, and Rabe with Taylor’s distinguished laugh.

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Please notice this is not a confirmed message but the article quoting Mr.Kosminsky and it looks very promising:) fingers crossed!

Fans of the historical drama Wolf Hall will be pleased to know that filming for a second season will start next year.

The news was announced by the series director Peter Kosminsky at Cheltenham Literature Festival.

Mr Kosminsky said the BBC has the rights to make the final instalment based on the third book in the trilogy, The Mirror and the Light despite that fact that author Hilary Mantel has not actually finished the book.

“I don’t know how many of you know this but Hilary doesn’t write sequentially, she writes episodically,” he said to the audience in Cheltenham.


“So for example she has already written the end. The BBC has the rights and if it [the BBC] still exists at that point I think we will be making it next year.”

The show stars mark Rylance and Damian Lewis and much of it was filmed in the West.

Mr Kosminsky said the actors and writers were keen to delve back into the deadly politics of King Henry VIII’s court.

“We’ve been promised a manuscript, so we will get it as soon as it’s ready. It then becomes an issue of when Peter Straughan our screenwriter is available,” Kosminsky added. “He’s a very in-demand guy, currently working on at least two or three different projects to my certain knowledge, but I know this would be a priority for him.

“And then, of course, we need Mark Rylance to be available and Damian Lewis to be available, and they’re both, I’m happy to say, extremely busy and successful actors. There are a lot of moving parts, but in principle I’d love to do it, if I can get all these plates spinning at the same time.”


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Cleo by Laurence Wright was presented in a special reading at the New York Festival…have a look at the picture


special thank you and credit goes to @ilovestage_door !!

another big thank you to Mr.Wright @laurence_wright for all your quotes and interaction on twitter..made us very happy and proud! Best of luck for your coming projects.

thanks to FanFun with Damian Lewis for sharing,interaction and fun:) cheers to the fan family!

and of course THANK YOU to Damian Lewis for events filled with insights and inspiration..thanks for all your support:)

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At the new Yorker Festival

Click below for pictures of Damian Lewis at The New Yorker Festival 2015 at SVA Theater on Saturday, October 3rd in NYC.

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