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  • has an excellent review of The Escapist. They say: “Ultimately, The Escapist impresses as a recognisable genre film while also breaking free of its generic confines by suggesting that escape is, over and above having the right team and the right tools, a state of mind. Here, the visceral, the intellectual and the spiritual all come together, elevating The Escapist beyond merely escapist entertainment, and offering something that any viewer can dig.” The Escapist screens at the britspotting film festival in Berlin on Thursday. According to the official site it will be released in the UK on June 20th.
  • Contact Music has an interesting quote from Damian here:
    “English actors have been successful on U.S. TV for years. Hugh (Laurie) is not the first to be successful in LA and he will certainly not be the last.” They accompany the quote with an utterly shameless headline and “take”! 😆
  • Click here at for a short article on the End of Summer Ball launch party and here at the gallery for a couple more pics from the event.