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Damian’s Cameo in the Film Bill: Back in Shakespeare’s Time, Everyone Was Going Commando – Sept 12, 2015

‘Back in Shakespeare’s time, everyone was going commando’: The Horrible history of the Bard

by Jon Wilde (event Magazine) – Mail Online – 12 September 2015

Horrible Histories has graduated to the big screen, with a madcap biopic of Shakespeare’s ‘lost’ early years. Cue Damian Lewis bombarding Spain with oranges, Christopher Marlowe wrestling a lamb chop… and lashings of gross-out humour for all the family.

Bill, a madcap British family adventure-comedy film, romps irreverently through a little-known period of William Shakespeare’s life (pictured: Ben Willbond as King Phillip II and Damian Lewis as Sir Richard Hawkins)

Damian Lewis is hamming it up as an infamous Elizabethan seadog – deploying a Tudor tennis-ball machine to bombard King Philip II of Spain with oranges – in a room decorated to resemble a sumptuous 16th-century Spanish court.

Nearby, a group of actors dressed as giant vegetables and cuts of meat are whacking several shades of daylight out of each other.

Clearly, this is not the follow-up to Wolf Hall, the BBC TV series heralded for its attention to historical detail, where Lewis played a vigorous and powerful Henry VIII. So what on earth is going on?

Welcome to Bill, a madcap British family adventure-comedy film.

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