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Damian Lewis Plays Teeth For Liverpool – May 31, 2019

A Shoutout to Liverpool

by Damianista | | May 31, 2019

Damian’s beloved Liverpool will face Tottenham Hotspur in the 2019 UEFA Champions League final  at Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid, Spain on Saturday, June 1. The two English Premier League heavyweights met two times in this year’s Premier League with Liverpool winning 2-1 both times. Five-time winners Liverpool will be aiming to get their sixth title whereas Hotspurs will be playing to win their first!

Relying on Damian’s earlier tweet we assume he will be in the stadium tomorrow cheering for his Red Men!

And he did a shout out today playing his teeth for all Liverpool Fans out there. You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Is there anything this guy can’t do? 🙂

Go and get it, Red Men, for Damian, for me and for all Liverpool fans!

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Damian will be the Guest on LIVE Kelly and Ryan!

Set your DVRs

TV Scoop I Broadway World I May 31, 2019

LIVE with Kelly and Ryan will welcome “Billions” star DAMIAN LEWIS, and magician DAN WHITE for the “Live” audience on June 4 Tuesday. And “Lil’ Champions Week” will continue with a demo from 11-year-old sport stacking champ KAITLYN QUINN.

“Live with Kelly and Ryan” is distributed in national Syndication by Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer and International. The show is produced by WABC-TV in New York and executive produced by Michael Gelman, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.

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From the Trader’s Desk: Billions S4 E10 New Year’s Day – May 31, 2019

Moments in Time

by Lady Trader I Fan Fun with Damian Lewis I May 31, 2019

And so we’re told this is the golden age
And gold is the reason for the wars we wage
New Year’s Day – U2

Hello and welcome to the Trader’s Desk. I know I have said this a few times (and we still have two episodes left) but this may be my favorite episode of the season! From the opening, to getting answers to questions I have had for 4 seasons, this was exactly the episode I needed after last week’s break.

I want to break my post down into two parts: quick observations, and then diving into particular moments. I believe certain moments of “New Year’s Day” are pivotal for some of our favorite characters.


I could not think of a better opening sequence than the one we were privileged to get this week. The combination of the wintery scenes of my favorite places in downtown Manhattan, accompanied by the unique voice of Bono from one of my favorite bands, U2, was just simply genius. I have had the pleasure of seeing U2 in concert several times, and all I can say is that there are front men, and then there’s Bono.

Taylor buying up shares in the main supplier to Rebecca’s Saler’s stores is a smart move. TMC basically controls the oxygen to the stores now, since Kling Appliances was 63% of Saler’s revenue. Rebecca will try to look for another supplier to buy, but some of the names she mentioned (Samsung, LG) are huge companies. The market cap of Samsung is $272B, and while smaller, the market cap of LG is $4.8B. Neither one are really options for Rebecca, since Saler’s has more debt than cash. It will be very interesting to see how this works, or if Axe can ride to the rescue once again for Rebecca.

Bonnie is now the Axe Cap IR person? This just seems strange. Don’t get me wrong – I love Bonnie, but I truly think she is much better at her Bloomberg trading than out meeting with current and potential clients. Bonnie’s personality is an “acquired” taste, so I’m wondering if this was done to break up her budding relationship with Dollar Bill. As always, Billions doesn’t do things just to do them, so I’m curious to see where this new role takes Bonnie. Continue reading From the Trader’s Desk: Billions S4 E10 New Year’s Day – May 31, 2019

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TV bosses pounce on delayed final novel in Wolf Hall trilogy

Mantel’s publisher revealed this week that The Mirror & the Light, the concluding part of her series about Thomas Cromwell, will go on sale next March. The author had said in April 2017 that she hoped to have it finished by early 2018.

Wolf Hall, the first book in the series, was published in 2009, followed three years later by Bring Up the Bodies. They were adapted for television by the BBC in 2015, starring Mark Rylance as Thomas Cromwell, Damian Lewis as Henry VIII and Claire Foy as Anne Boleyn. The six-part series was directed by Peter Kosminsky and written by Peter Straughan. Both men are involved with the follow-up, according to the production company Playground.

Continue reading TV bosses pounce on delayed final novel in Wolf Hall trilogy

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Damian Lewis Back in Billions – March 6, 2019

What is Acting for Damian?

Tribune News Service I The Sacramento Bee I March 5, 2019

Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti will be jousting again when Showtime brings back “Billions” for another season on March 17. Giamatti plays the brilliant U.S. Attorney and Lewis is his nemesis, a hedge-fund tycoon.

For the British Lewis, who earned American cred when he costarred in in “Band of Brothers”, says acting for him “is a combination of fulfilling your sensory self and your intellectual self. It accommodates both very well. And I enjoy bringing the physical and  intellectual and spiritual together. I find acting is often quite a meditative thing to do. It’s quite therapeutic. It’s much easier being someone else than it is yourself,” he says.

“I come from a tradition where I believe acting is the inverse of lying.  It’s not lying and trickery. It’s truth and honesty and sincerity. You occupy an alternative reality, and you commit to that reality utterly and honestly, and that’s what will be conveyed to an audience if you do it right.”

Source: Sacramento Bee