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Sam Mendes and Damian Lewis praise inspirational music teachers


Skyfall director Sam Mendes and Homeland star Damian Lewis surprised the Royal Albert Hall this evening with an appearance at the Music For Youth Schools Prom 2013. After watching the performances on stage at the Royal Albert Hall, they presented the Classic FM Music Teacher of the Year Award 2013 to Claire Hennie, Private Music Teacher Of The Year and Matthew Tiffany, Peripatetic Music Teacher Of The Year.

“It is a really big thrill to give this away to one of the inspirational teachers,” Lewis said. “When I was roughly your age, 11 or 12, I sang in a chamber choir and had an inspirational teacher, Mr Woodgate, who rearranged Beatles tunes. And so, as an 11 year old I was able to sing Eleanor Rigby and I Love Her and other Beatles tunes in four-part harmony, and it’s a memory I treasure to this day.”

It’s not just Lewis who was touched by classical music from a young age – his wife was also hugely inspired by an inspirational teacher.

“Many of you won’t know this, but I’m in fact married to Narcissa Malfoy,” he said. “When she was your age she sang here at the Schools Prom – she remembers that evening clearly, treasures it, and remembers how inspirational it was to her that night. You’ve all been an inspiration here, inspired by teachers much like Claire and you’ve given us so much pleasure. Keep singing, keep playing from the heart.”


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