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sami   Feb 10, 2016   Damian Lewis, Site

Happy Birthday Damian,

Our team wish you a very Happy Birthday
and another year of health, personal success and happiness!


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you, not only for your great support but
for your art that creates a new world for us every time which has helped us get together and form
a wonderful fan community over the years, we have met some wonderful people and all  because of your fandom, some of them have turned into real life friends almost sister like relationships.
Fan work and being, let’s say a big fan is quite time consuming and takes up a great part of ones life for ten years by now,
we constantly appreciate your wonderful acting on our site.

Over the years it has changed us, provoked us,
touched us, made us happy, made us cry and many times has opened our eyes…we learn through your work and
feel with your characters and enjoy being fans and especially fan workers .

You are an inspiration for us,
once again have a wonderful day and thanks so much for all your continued support!
Best wishes,

your fanteam


sami   Feb 10, 2016   Damian Lewis

All the fans and the team wishing Damian Lewis a very happy birthday and all the very best!

our gift and love goes to Sohana Research Fund and we sending lots of love!

#DamianFans =#FansforSohana


sami   Feb 10, 2016   Damian Lewis

For Damian Lewis and his birthday we decided to give fans a voice, read now a wonderful message from Tiffany, representative for all fans!

Thank you Tiffany and

Happy Birthday Damian Lewis!

Dear Damian,

I first became familiar with your body of work watching Brody. As a therapist I’m told I’m drawn to the “broken”, to the wounded bird.

So it’s no surprise I was rooting for Brody from the start. You brought the face of the forgotten soldier to the forefront, raising awareness for PTSD.

We’ve watched you turn the most complex, traumatized characters into our beloved heroes.

It’s your depth that makes the viewer feel as though they are actually there, meditating with Charlie. As an activist, I was further impressed with your commitment to raising awareness for EB. Sohana, what a brave, beautiful young woman.

So I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know the positive impact your voice has had on me. For this reason I’ve decided to follow Bahar’s footsteps and run a 5k for Sohana Research Fund. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

With Respect, Tiffany


sami   Feb 5, 2016   Billions, Damian Lewis

a brilliant Selfie from Damian Lewis with James Hetfield from Metallica!

the picture was taken during the Billions shooting and you can see the result on Sunday:) pic via twitter


sami   Jan 17, 2016   Damian Lewis, Events

See a first and very dapper and elegant Damian Lewis attending the critic’s choice award in Santa Monica