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Lightning Rod: Damian Lewis on Playing the Best Bad Boy on TV – April 4, 2018

Who Says Bad Guys Don’t Win?

by Michael Idato  | The Sydney Morning Herald | April 4, 2018

Damian Lewis as the greedy money man Bobby Axelrod in Billions. Photo: Jim Fiscus

Who says bad guys don’t win?

In the critically acclaimed drama Billions, actor Damian Lewis plays a greedy, game-playing money man who is so despised he was once cornered by a fan who said to him: “Oh my God, it’s Bobby Axelrod, you’re such an asshole.”

The accusation makes the 47-year-old London-born actor laugh.

“To use an English phrase, it’s cops and robbers, it’s Elliot Ness and Al Capone, it’s the sheriff and the cowboy,” Lewis says. “That’s how this show breaks down. That’s its mythology. Chuck is the sheriff and Bobby is the cowboy. It’s always fun to back the cowboy, the outlaw. However bad they’re being.

“It’s not my place to say whether I think people back Bobby more than they do [his nemesis] Chuck, but I think what’s clear is that this is a world of shysters, it’s a world of compromise, it’s a world of desperate men, driven by their need to win the game,” Lewis says.

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Audio Clip: Billions of Sparks Fly – March 27, 2018

When ‘Billions’ of Sparks Fly, Damian Lewis & Paul Giamatti are Explosive

by Staff | Hollywood Outbreak | March 25, 2018

Billions specializes in gripping drama. The story of a high-stakes financial cat-and-mouse game between a venture capitalist (Damian Lewis) and the federal attorney who’s trying to bring him down (Paul Giamatti) has thrown some amazing twists and turns our way, resulting in some truly surprising moments. What isn’t surprising, though, is the intensity of the two actors. Lewis and Giamatti both bring their “A-games” to the series, and when the two of them meet in their rare shared scenes, the results are incredible — and both actors can sense that something special is going on.

Source: Hollywood Outbreak

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Billion Dollar Questions – March 27, 2018

Mixed Fortunes

by Jane Mulkerrins | Metro News | March 26, 2018

As an Eton-educated Londoner brought up in St John’s Wood, Damian Lewis might not have been the most obvious choice to play US Marine Nicholas Brody when he was cast in Homeland seven years ago.

‘It all started with Band Of Brothers,’ he says, referring to the 2001 HBO series that gave him his first role on US TV as we meet in a hotel in New York. ‘Captain Dale Dye was the guy who started up a company to train actors so they would be legitimate-looking soldiers on screen — he worked on Platoon and trained us for Band Of Brothers.

‘He said once, “I don’t know, there’s something in that ginger s***’s eyes.”’ Lewis (pictured above) chuckles. ‘So I think there is something in my ginger s***’s eyes that makes them want to cast me as a blue-collar American. And, of course, that’s the attraction of coming here to work — I wasn’t going to play endless Soames Forsytes forever.’

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Video: Most Trumpian Show on TV – Damian Lewis & Paul Giamatti on Billions – March 23, 2018

HFPA Interview – Billions 

by Luca Celada | The Golden Globes | March 23, 2018

Billionaire investor Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis) and US Attorney Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti) lock horns again in Billions. Season 3 of Showtime’s Wall Street drama sees Bobby indicted for malfeasance and Rhoades tasting victory. But as Lewis told the HFPA, appearances can deceive, and Paul Giamatti promises a dramatic final twist at the end of the season. Both actors told us how events have dramatically caught up with a show which was inspired by the macho antics of the financial world, but which has been given new meaning by a billionaire President who has seemingly managed to surpass the hubris of even the most brazen Wall Street honcho.\

Source: Golden Globes

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Damian Lewis on Why Billions is Like a Superhero Show – March 19, 2018

The Cowboy and the Sheriff

by Debra Birnbaum | Variety | March 19, 2018

Source: Showtime

When “Billions” returns for its third season, Damian Lewis’ Bobby Axelrod is in a very unfamiliar place: Under indictment, separated from his wife, and banished from the hedge fund company that bears his name. “It’s a fun trajectory for the character,” he says.

Ahead of the premiere, Lewis talked to Variety about what’s in store for the embattled hedge fund manager, whether Wendy (Maggie Siff) can be trusted, and how closely the season mirrors current headlines.

How does this season compare for you?

I think “Billions” has found its sweet spot. Season 1 was a look at this world and these people behaviorally. Now the cat-and-mouse game has really taken off and the stakes have become higher. It’s helpful to the drama of it. I like the fact that Axe was outmaneuvered at the end of last year by Chuck. And so he finds himself in a unusual position that he’s not used to being in — back to the wall and working out a way of getting back into the game.

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