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Vote in the Anglo Fan Favorites Tournament: The Men of 2011

The BBC America website is “pitting 32 of Britain’s (and a couple of Ireland’s) most popular male TV and movie stars against each in a battle for supremacy.” Damian’s on Page 17 vs David Tennant – and is seriously trailing!? The vote should be much closer than that, lets give him a hand! 😀

Anglo Fan Favorites Tournament: The Men of 2011

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Giovanni’s Room update

  • The BBC Radio 3 drama Giovanni’s Room is now available for listening online to listeners worldwide here on the BBC website. Update: Download here.

  • The New Zealand channel TV3 is now broacasting Season 2 of Life Tuesday evenings at 11:25 pm. Thanks to Ann for this info!

  • Got some time on your hands? Go vote for Damian Lewis as Your Favorite British Gent at the latest Hollywood Spy Blog poll! 😀

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‘Agent Zigzag’ rebroadcast

  • The Misanthrope ends its run on March 13th. Go see it while you still have the chance! Who knows Damian Lewis might go another 4 years before he does another play! :O

  • BBC Radio 7 is currently rebroadcasting the radio adaptation of Ben MacIntyre’s Agent Zigzag, read by Damian. Click on the Agent ZigZag project page for more info on the program. To listen to the show online click here. To download all 5 15-minute episodes, click here on our Audio page.

  • Vote for Damian as Sexiest Actor of the Year here at this french tv site. ➡ (Thanks to karima for the headsup!)

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  • The first batch of Tubey Award “final nominees” has been posted and you can now vote for Life starring Damian Lewis in the “Most Painful Series Cancellation” category. Thanks to Ann for the link.

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  • New “Tubey Award” polls are up at the Television Without Pity site with lots of chances to vote for Damian Lewis and Life! The relevant polls are:

    Group 1-4 group:
    » Best Drama: Life
    » Best Single Episode – Drama: “Not for Nothing” (Life) or “One” (Life)

    Group 9-12:
    » Favorite Character: Charlie Crews (Life)

    Group 17-20:
    » Best “Hell Yeah!” Moment: Charlie Crews kills Roman with one punch to the throat

    Group 21-24:
    » Neverending Subplot That Most Needs to Be Resolved: The conspiracy against
    Charlie Crews (Life)
    » Best Line of Dialogue: “I need a bigger gun.” – Charlie Crews (Life)