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mokulen   Mar 26, 2015   The Silent Storm, Video


If you haven’t seen them yet, check out these 2 preview clips from the film:


sami   Feb 25, 2015   The Silent Storm

last week Sony Pictures acquired North American and International rights to The Silent Storm with Damian Lewis.

see today the first artwork for the Film

 Silent Storm follows an enigmatic outsider (Riseborough) living on a remote Scottish island, who finds herself caught between her minister husband(Lewis ) and the delinquent who is sent to live with them.


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sami   Feb 19, 2015   The Silent Storm

EXCLUSIVE: Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions has acquired North American rights and multiple international territories to Corinna McFarlane’s directorial debut The Silent Storm. Territories acquired include the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Australia/New Zealand.

Starring Damian Lewis (Homeland) and Andrea Riseborough (Oblivion), Silent Storm follows an enigmatic outsider (Riseborough) living on a remote Scottish island, who finds herself caught between her minister husband and the delinquent who is sent to live with them.

The film was a rare non-James Bond feature to be executive produced and financed by 007 custodians Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson and Eon Productions.


Source: Deadline

sami   Sep 3, 2014   The Silent Storm

Silent Storm

A Scottish island is the location for this taut and claustrophobic drama of a young wife, suffering under the yolk of her bullying minister husband, who finds consolation in a new arrival.

On a remote Scottish island before World War II, Aislin (Andrea Riseborough) lives with her minister husband Balor (Damian Lewis). He is a man of sudden and violent mood swings, and stern religiosity. Aislin finds consolation from his attitude of wrathful disapproval in the stark beauty of the surrounding countryside. With the other islanders leaving for the mainland in droves, the couple are joined by a Glaswegian youth (Ross Anderson), entrusted to their care by a religious charity.
Balor is initially suspicious of him, but Aislin recognises a kindred spirit in this sensitive young man and their relationship deepens when her husband has to leave the island.
Marking Corinna McFarlane’s feature debut after her codirected 2006 documentary Three Miles North of Molkom, this domestic melodrama is a tale of sweeping emotions and grandly realised landscapes, featuring full-blooded performances from Riseborough and Lewis.


mokulen   Jul 17, 2013   The Silent Storm

Damian Lewis goes bald for 'The Silent Storm'

He’s famous for his fiery red hair.

But Damian Lewis has undergone a dramatic makeover for his role upcoming drama The Silent Storm – by completely shaving his head.

The 42-year-old actor showed off his new look as he got to work filming the love story on the Isle Of Mull in Scotland on Monday.

Homeland star Damian was virtually unrecognisable as he prepared to begin shooting the film, which also stars Andrea Riseborough.

Sporting a pair of sunglasses and black double breasted-coat over a black V-neck T-shirt, Damian’s new appearance gave him a mysterious air.

The actor was seen driving his smart navy Jaguar in the village of Pennyghael about 3 miles from the secluded Carsaig Estate.

His car was later seen parked up on some grass just outside the village, as Damian is believed to have left the vehicle there because the road leading up to the set is so narrow and steep.

Shunning the usual modes of transport favoured by celebrities, Damian is believed to have arrived by ferry after travelling in from Oban.

The Secret Storm tells the story of an enigmatic outsider (Riseborough) living on a remote Scottish island who is caught between her commanding husband (Lewis) and a 17 year-old delinquent (newcomer Ross Anderson).

Source: Daily Mail.

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