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Last performance of ‘The Misanthrope’, ‘Your Highness’ details

  • Gallery Update: Click here for pictures of Damian Lewis leaving the Comedy Theatre following the last performance of The Misanthrope.

  • More on You Highness from

    Director David Gordon Green didn’t show up at SXSW today specifically to talk about his upcoming medieval film with Danny McBride, but he’s so excited about the project he spent a lot of time talking about Your Highness anyway …

    According to Greene, it’s not the parody-like comedy we’ve all sort of assumed it was. Even some of his British actors had the movie all wrong. He says, “I think they thought they were doing like the Holy Grail, they thought it was a spoof. We didn’t make a spoof. We made an adventure, a medieval, early 80s adventure, sword and sorcery film. So it was not Lord of the Rings. When you reference Krull to an actor, they don’t really … Beastmaster they’re not really … you know.”

    That’s right, Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman, and Zooey Deschanel are about to star in a movie that’s basically Krull… with puppets. Green explains: “It’s got so many different elements working, from puppets to guys in suits that can’t breathe.” …

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    Fan report, ‘Band of Brothers’ press mentions

    • The Misanthrope‘s run ends this Saturday! 😥 I hope everyone who wanted to see it, got a chance to attend a show – and chat with Damian Lewis afterwards! Click here for another ‘meeting Damian’ story at the Yahoo! group. (Thanks to Anette of Germany for sharing her story!)

    • Reviews are starting to come in for HBO’s The Pacific, the new 10-part WW2 mini-series that begins this Sunday, and Damian Lewis is still drawing high praise for his performance in Band of Brothers:

      Alan Sepinwall in The Star-Ledger:

      There’s no performance quite on par with Damian Lewis’s star turn as the quiet, decent company leader in “Band,” but the three leads all take advantage of their showcase roles to craft characters that transcend both war movie cliches and the actors’ own mixed backgrounds. Seda (Falsone from the later years of “Homicide”), like Lewis in “Band,” finds a way to make his characters’ innate heroism and super-competence into something absorbing.

      Maureen Ryan in the Chicago Tribune:

      “The Pacific” focuses throughout on the experiences of Robert Leckie (author of “Helmet for My Pillow”), Eugene Sledge (author of “With the Old Breed”) and decorated Marine John Basilone. But, as was the case with “Band of Brothers,” the most memorable characters in “The Pacific” are the ones played by the actors with the most charisma (“Brothers'” Richard Winters could have seemed impossibly prim and perfect had he not been played by the effortlessly interesting Damian Lewis).

      Robert Philpot in the Star-Telegram:

      Two things The Pacific lacks that Band of Brothers had: a strong lead character (Damian Lewis was fabulous in Brothers as Maj. Richard Winters) and a sardonic observer (Ron Livingston did some of his best work as Capt. Lewis Nixon), although Leckie does fill that role to an extent. But these are nitpicks when The Pacific does such a strong job of standing aside its slightly superior predecessor.

    • A few other press items:

      Rob Thomas reviewing The Escapist in

      The talented cast of British actors play it very straight; Cox is terrific as a tough inmate who knows the danger of betraying any sign of weakness to his fellow inmates, even as he aches for his daughter on the inside. Lewis, who usually plays good-guy roles on “Band of Brothers” and NBC’s “Life,” is fantastic as the effete, terrifying gangster who comes close to learning about the escape plan.

      In an brief chat with InStyle, Keira Knightley says some nice things about Damian:

      So how was it treading the boards with the gorgeous Damian Lewis as your co-star? ‘He’s an absolute sweetheart!’ she gushed. ‘As it was my first time on stage, the whole cast, especially Damian, was so supportive and patient with me.’

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    ‘Agent Zigzag’ rebroadcast

    • The Misanthrope ends its run on March 13th. Go see it while you still have the chance! Who knows Damian Lewis might go another 4 years before he does another play! :O

    • BBC Radio 7 is currently rebroadcasting the radio adaptation of Ben MacIntyre’s Agent Zigzag, read by Damian. Click on the Agent ZigZag project page for more info on the program. To listen to the show online click here. To download all 5 15-minute episodes, click here on our Audio page.

    • Vote for Damian as Sexiest Actor of the Year here at this french tv site. ➡ (Thanks to karima for the headsup!)

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    Outside the Comedy Theatre, ‘Your Highness’ screening

    • Gallery updates: Click here at the gallery for Milou’s pictures of Damian Lewis taken outside the Comedy Theatre on February 11th. Read her ‘meeting Damian’ story here at the Yahoo! Group.

      Click here for pictures of Damian goofing off just a bit from Monday, February 22nd.

    • Test screenings for the film Your Highness have begun. /Film and ScreenCave have a roundup of (mostly postive) early reviews from around the web.