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Interview with ‘Homeland’ producer

Missed this audio interview with Homeland producer Howard Gordon posted a few days ago at CLT Blog. Here’s the bit about Damian:

CLT Blog: Damian Lewis is playing the lead character that has come back and recovered, is that correct?

Gordon: Exactly.

CLT Blog: It’s kind of interesting because his character in Life he was in

prison for 12 years and kind of had to come back and readjust. There’s a little

similarity. How did Damian Lewis come to be a part of this show?

Gordon: I’d always admired him tremendously and when you think about a returning

American hero you don’t think about British actors at first blush but Damian is

someone who does this impeccable American accent and has kind of oddly enough an

American face, too. What really sold it for us was believe it or not, neither Life or

Band of Brothers, but this amazing movie he did called Keane.


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Another ‘Homeland’ Promo

Showtime posted the picture above on their new ‘Homeland’ page. Thanks to Sami for the headsup!

FYI: The site will be changing servers over the next couple days. My apologies if download links aren’t working and if things are out of whack! We’ll try and get things sorted quickly. (Ha!)

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New Telegraph Interview!


The ex-Etonian talks schooldays, silly movies and choosing his own career


Although he must be fed up with every interview ever written about him mentioning his red hair – often in tones that suggest he was born with a third leg – today it’s not Damian Lewis’ hair that first catches the eye. It’s what’s on top of it. This is a small red and black-checked trilby hat. It’s the sort of headgear only an actor, or possibly an unusually flamboyant butcher, would ever dream of wearing.

We’re meeting in an engagingly sleazy theatrical club on the Charing Cross Road, a place where the walls are hung with pictures of actors and actresses in a variety of exotic costumes. There’s also a wafty scarlet satin curtain screening us off from the rest of the place. None the less it’s Lewis’s hat that I keep glancing at as it sits on the table between us. Is it a joke? A touch of absurdity to quell any suggestion of vanity? Or is it the opposite? Something he actually thinks looks good on him?

After an hour in his company, I’m still not sure. All I know is that Lewis probably doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks of him or his hat. More than any other actor I’ve ever interviewed he seems entirely contented in his own skin. Admittedly, this isn’t saying much, but in Lewis’s case the self-assurance seems to come off him in waves.

Read the rest at the Telegraph website.

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‘Homeland’ teaser and Daybreak interview!

  • Showtime has posted a nice little preview of Homeland that features Damian. Click here for a download.

  • Damian was on ITV’s Daybreak on Tuesday promoting Your Highness. A clip of the interview can be viewed on the ITV site here (UK-residents only). Click here for screencaps from the interview.