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More on-set pics

Two more on-set photos were added to the Homeland Casting Facebook page including the one above. You can view them

on Facebook or here at the

gallery. Filming has now completed in Charlotte and they’ll be shooting in Washington, D.C. and Tel Aviv

for a few days. According to producers, they’ll learn whether Showtime has decided to greenlight the show in late February or March. If picked up, filming would

begin in Charlotte in June with the first episodes broadcasting on Showtime in late August.

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Producer talks ‘Homeland’

Writer/producer Howard Gordon discusses Homeland with Zap2it:

Actually in production is “Homeland,” loosely based on Gideon Raff’s Israeli TV series “Prisoners of War.” Raff is writing the pilot along with Gordon and his longtime writing partner, Alex Gansa.

Damian Lewis (“Life,” “Band of Brothers”) stars as U.S. Marine Sergeant Scott Brody, who miraculously reappears after being take prisoner and thought dead during the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. Claire Danes (“Temple Grandin”) plays Carrie Anderson, a CIA agent who has her doubts about Brody — and some of her own secrets as well.

“She plays a bipolar CIA agent,” says Gordon. “They don’t know she’s bipolar; she does. She is [on meds]. She’s handling it, man, she’s handling it. She’s very good at what she does, but there’s also obviously an Achilles heel with her pathology.

“Brody is one of two guys that were presumed dead. He’s found years later and comes back. There’s all this soap opera that we took from the Israeli series, which is his best friend is sleeping with his wife, albeit secretly. She was never willing to go public with the relationship, because she had the slender hope he was alive.

“Nevertheless, it’s complicated. What makes it more complicated is that Carrie has been told by someone she knew in the field years ago, a terrorist who was part of al-Qaeda in Iraq, who, before he was executed, told her that there’s a POW that’s been turned — and it might be this guy.

“It’s an unpopular opinion, because the powers that be want to take this guy and embrace him as the American hero he is — or is he?”

The pilot has been shooting in Charlotte, N.C., and Gordon says, “We’re going to Washington, D.C. to shoot a day and then Israel for two days. double it as Baghdad. It really feels terrific.

“We’ll be putting it together, and we’ll probably get an idea of whether it’s going to be on the air on Showtime as early as early March, is my guess, or late February.”


Producer Michael Klick has told The Charlotte Observer, if the series is picked up, it would film from June to October and episodes would begin airing on Showtime around the end of August, while the series is still in production.

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More on ‘Homeland’ production in Charlotte

The Charlotte Observer has more information on the Homeland pilot currently filming in Charlotte:

Hollywood comes to N.C.

Gordon says North Carolina was an easy sell for his “Homeland” team.

“The tax credits were great, and Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin, who are two of our lead actors, are based in New York (so) it was a commutable distance for them,” says Gordon, whose executive-producing credits also include “The X-Files” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” “We scouted Wilmington as well, but the architecture and everything worked better here.”

Charlotte is standing in for the Virginia-D.C. area, Gordon says.

In addition to the Carolinas Aviation Museum, filming is taking place at locations including south Charlotte’s Mountainbrook neighborhood, the Ritz-Carlton in uptown, and the closed Philip Morris USA plant in Concord, which is doubling as the CIA headquarters.

The show stars British actor Damian Lewis as a U.S. Marine sergeant who comes home a war hero after having been held as a prisoner of war in Baghdad for eight years, during which time he was presumed dead. Claire Danes (“Temple Grandin”) plays a CIA agent who suspects that he’s plotting an attack on America.

Gordon says the plan is to continue shooting in Charlotte if the show gets picked up.


For those near Charlotte – there are still calls for extras! To keep track of Homeland casting call news visit the Homeland Casting Facebook page.

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‘Homeland’ begins filming in Charlotte, NC

  • Homeland began filming in Charlotte

    this week and will continue filming through the end of the month:

    Hollywood has come to town, and south Charlotte’s Mountainbrook

    neighborhood is front and center.

    Film giant 20th Century Fox is shooting a pilot episode of a TV show,

    “Homeland,” for Showtime and they’re filming much of it in Charlotte.

    The show is about U.S. Marine Sgt. Scott Brody (played by British actor

    Damian Lewis) who spent eight years as a prisoner of war in Baghdad and was

    presumed dead. Recently rescued, Brody has returned to his wife and kids and

    is lauded as a hero.

    But CIA agent Carrie Anderson (played by Emmy award-winning actress

    Claire Danes) suspects that he’s plotting an attack on America.

    “The questions is, ‘Is he the hero he appears to be?’ ” said producer

    Michael Click, who used to work with Fox’s hit action drama “24.” “It’s a

    little bit of a whodunit.”

    Click said he thinks viewers will tune in because of the modern issues it

    delves into.

    “It has a lot of timely aspects to it, in terms of fears of terrorism,

    prisoners of war, internal threats to the government,” said Click. “There

    are a lot of threats explored in a family-drama situation.”

    When deciding where to film, Fox chose North Carolina because the state

    offered tax breaks. They picked Charlotte and the South Park area, in

    particular, because the homes’ architecture resembles that of suburban

    Virginia, where the show is set.

    Charlotte’s uptown area could resemble Washington, D.C.

    “It was a good match,” said Click. “It’s a very nice downtown – modern, a

    lot of good looks to it. It doesn’t have the broad boulevards that D.C. has

    but it will make a good double. There are a number of governmental buildings

    we could use in terms of walk-and-talk conversations. And if you need to go

    to Washington, it’s a two-hour flight up the road.”

    Read the rest at The Charlotte Observer.

    ‘Oziegirl17’, a member at the Yahoo! Group, has learned that the pilot will also film in Washington, DC and Tel Aviv and if the if the pilot is picked up, Damian Lewis will return to Charlotte in June for 5 months. Read her post here.

    More on the start of production:

    WSJ – From Producer Howard Gordon: “We started on Monday [in Charlotte, North Carolina] and there was

    the blizzard of the century, so they shut us down for two days. But we are

    in production.”

    FOX Charlotte – Details on the casting call in

    Charlotte. Find more info at the Homeland Casting Facebook page.

  • broadcast their 3-hour tribute to Major Richard Winters on Wednesday that can be

    listened to here on their Band of Brothers blog. They

    added more tributes from cast members including this one from Damian


    I was honoured to have played, no, represent Major Winters on the screen. He

    was unstinting in his support of the project and of me. He welcomed me to

    his house in Hershey, introduced me to his loving wife, Ethel, and

    constantly exhorted me to “Hang Tough!” He has died quietly, in private,

    without fanfare, with the same modesty that he lived his life as one of the

    most celebrated soldiers of his generation. I will miss him and I thank him.


    Click here at for details on the memorial service to be held Saturday, March 19th.

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New project? ‘Homeland’ casting news and gallery update

  • The Hollywood Reporter has more casting info and news on the Homeland pilot:

    Diego Klattenhoff has been cast in the Showtime pilot Homeland. Klattenhoff is a Canadian actor who starred in the 2008 ABC series Men in Trees with Anne Heche.

    In Homeland he’ll play Mike Faber, a Marine colonel and the best friend of Scott Brody (Damian Lewis), the lead character who returns after years in exile in Iraq only to raise the suspicion of a CIA agent (Claire Danes) who suspects that Brody may now harbor anti-American, jihadist tendencies.

    Mandy Patinkin plays Danes’ boss. And Laura Fraser co-stars as Brody’s wife.

    Adapted from the Israeli television series Prisoners of War, Homeland is executive produced by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa, veterans of Fox’s terrorism drama 24. (Klattenhoff had a small part in the 2009 season of 24.)

    The pilot begins shooting in early January. Gordon, Gansa and Prisoners of War creator Gideon Raff wrote the pilot script. Dexter’s Michael Cuesta will direct for Fox 21.

    Homeland is the first pilot developed under David Nevins’ watch as president of entertainment at Showtime. Nevins described Homeland as a departure for the premium cable network.

    “It’s a great psychological study like all the best Showtime shows,” he said. “But it actually is much more than that in the fact that it’s a psychological thriller with a real ticking clock and real edge-of-your seat elements.”

  • New Project? Damian is listed on the Lords of Magic IMDb page as being rumored for a role in the project. The film written by Gary Van Haas and to be directed by Rob Walker concerns the story of “British Lords and their attempts to conjure spirits and summon the dead. A journey into the arcane world of ‘real magic’ when famous writers such as Arthur Conan Doyle, H.G. Wells, and William Butler Yeats practiced magic in the occult as an art.” There’s a good synopsis at the Angel Motion Pictures official website. The film is listed as being in pre-production and is tentatively set to begin filming in Belgium in 2011.

  • Gallery Update: 2 old photoshoots of Damian have been added to the albums below.

    2006 Greer Studios

    2008 Patrick Fraser