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Damian Lewis: Making it Big on Small Screen, The Irish Examiner, October 14, 2012

Making it big on the small screen

It’s been a slow and steady rise to stardom for Damian Lewis. But now he’s hit the jackpot with an Emmy win for his role in Homeland. He talks to Craig McLean about fame, fatherhood and fan clubs.

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The Double Life of Damian Lewis, Times/Sunday Times, September 22, 2012

Original article in the Times

From brooding Marine in Homeland to North London family man – Damian Lewis tells Robert Crampton about his double life

Good news for Homeland fans. The second season starts soon. Even better, Damian Lewis, when I ask him about the likelihood of a third season, says, “I think this show will run five or six years unless they screw it up. As long as we can keep it credible… I don’t see why we can’t just keep going on and on and on.” For those of us – 2.7 million of us, to be precise, very good for Sunday night Channel 4, and including every critic in the country, all of them in rapture – who spent Monday mornings this spring debating the twists and turns of the previous night’s episode, the promise, from the show’s co-star, no less, of lots more to come is thrilling indeed.

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  • Don’t miss Life episode 2.14 titled “Mirror Ball” which will air in the US this Wednesday, February 11, 2009 on NBC at 9pm (ET).

  • The region 2 DVD for The Escapist (featuring Damian Lewis) was released for sale in the UK today and some lucky fans have already received their copies.

  • Mark Kermode of The Observer offered these comments about The Escapist:

    “There’s no such thing as a bad Brian Cox movie and The Escapist (2008, 15, Vertigo £15.65) proves no exception. A stripped-down, prison-break thriller with echoes of The Shawshank Redemption, Rupert Wyatt’s lean, mean B-movie blends satirical spiritualism with tough-as-nuts action. Apparently, Cox landed the lead role after telling Wyatt he was fed up with playing cameos, so he’s centre stage where he belongs.”

  • This 4.5 Stale Popcorn review describes The Escapist as a:

    “…little slice of near-perfection. Two shades shy of a masterpiece…Wyatt has made a movie of absolute stellar visual originality… The direction, the sense of assurance in its set-pieces and the performances all make this very much worthy of your time. The title cards and music create a confident, fully realised tone that puts you in the exact mindset you need to be in for the film and Brian Cox leads the charge with a performance that just confirms him once and for all as one of the most consistent, great actors working in the industry right now…”

  • Piers Morgan told the Daily Mail’s readers about the many talented British entertainers currently being recognized and celebrated for their immense talent, including Damian Lewis!

  • Join the celebration and honor Damian Lewis on his birthday!

    Damian Lewis’s birthday is February 11th and his fans are making a special effort to perform a kind or charitable act in his honor to celebrate the event; click here for more information.

  • Congratulations to Sarah Shahi (Damian Lewis’s co-star on Life) and her new husband Steve Howey on their recent marriage and expectant child! Click here to read about it.