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Damian and Helen on BBC Radio 4 – Dec 15, 2017

Niccolo Machiavelli – The Prince

Tune in on iPlayer to hear Damian as Machiavelli and Helen as Defence on BBC Radio 4 Extra. The programme, originally broadcast in 2013, is one hour in length and there are currently 29 days left to listen.

A little about the audio play: Five hundred years after writing his most provocative political tract, Niccolo Machiavelli appears before an infernal court to appeal against the harsh treatment his works have received over time. Rather than being seen as a description of political cynicism and opportunism, he argues that “Machiavellian” should be a compliment and The Prince has in fact been an infallible guidebook followed closely by all successful leaders.

The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli
Adapted by Jonathan Myerson

Produced and directed by Clive Brill
A Pacificus production for BBC Radio 4

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Damian Voices the Talking Statue of George Orwell – Nov 7, 2017

George Orwell Returns to Loom Over BBC and Damian Voices the Talking Statue

by Maev Kennedy – The Guardian – November 7, 2017

Source: Talking Statues London

George Orwell has returned to loom over the BBC. A larger-than-life statue of the author and former BBC employee has been unveiled outside Broadcasting House in London.

Orwell’s monument joins the regiment of talking statues, which can address any member of the public armed with a smart phone – his near neighbour, the sculpture of Ariel, by Eric Gill, over the main door of Broadcasting House, already talks back.

The Orwell statue is voiced by the actor Damian Lewis – who is, like the author, an Old Etonian. The school has also welcomed Orwell back, commissioning a replica of the portrait head to remind future generations of scholars that stroppy awkwardness is not necessarily a barrier to genius.

Read the rest of the original article at The Guardian

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Damian is the Voice of Paul Bunyan – Dec 11, 2013

Damian Lewis is the Voice of Paul Bunyan in English Touring Opera’s New Production

by – December 11, 2013

Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning actor Damian Lewis has given his voice to the title character in English Touring Opera’s new production of Benjamin Britten’s Paul Bunyan, which tours England from February to May 2014.

The production, set in a lumber camp, brings to life the mythical lumberjack who is one of the most famous figures in North American folklore.

Paul Bunyan is a spoken role, and only ever portrayed off stage. Lewis, famous for his roles in Homeland and Band of Brothers, has pre-recorded the voiceover of his part, which will be played during performances.

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New extract from ‘Diamonds Are Forever’

Only a few more days are left to pre-order ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ read by Damian Lewis or any of the new 007 Reloaded audio books for a chance to win hardback novel of the same story, signed by the star reader. For more info, visit AudioGo’s page here.

You haven’t really encountered James Bond until you’ve experienced the original Ian Fleming novels. So what to make of these new recordings (available at AudioGo from 6 September) of the classic stories, as read by a starry array of British acting talent? We put 007 Reloaded in our sights….

4) Diamonds are Forever (read by Damian Lewis)

“Any man of my generation probably has had a fantasy at one time or other about being James Bond,” Damian Lewis admits. “All the girls fantasise about being with him and all the men fantasise about being him.” And it’s evident that Lewis has had a lot of fun inhabiting the world of Bond here, despite this being one of Fleming’s more lukewarm outings. The American hoods that are pitted against our hero just don’t have the pizzazz of, say, Blofeld or Rosa Klebb, although hitmen Wint and Kidd do have an eccentric charm of their own.

Listen to Damian Lewis reading from Diamonds are Forever here:

Source: Radio Times

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‘Diamonds Are Forever’ Available for Pre-order

Now available for pre-order from AudioGo:

Diamonds are being smuggled on a formidable scale from Africa, via Britain, to America. 007’s assignment is to break the ring. It takes him to the racecourse and mud-baths of Saratoga Springs, to the gaming tables of Las Vegas, the ghost town of Spectreville and beyond. The Spangled Mob threatens to be too much even for James Bond, but help is at hand in the shape of co-conspirator Tiffany Case. Includes an exclusive bonus interview with Damian Lewis.