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  • Mia Productions has more on Love and Virtue:

    “Based on a script by Mia Sperber and Stefano Pratesi. The enticing
    saga of Orlando, the famous knight of the Emperor Charlemagne, set
    in the 8th century, full of bravery, devotion, and passionate love

    A turbulent and mystical story of love and desire set against an
    epic battle raging between Charlemagne’s Empire and the Barbarians,
    an extraordinary tale, exploring themes of love, loyalty and

    With its sword and sorcery elements, and the compelling dreamy
    atmosphere set in a time and space that actually existed, the work
    creates a fascinating meld between mystical fiction and epic cinema.
    With the characters competing for the love of one woman, there is an
    unforgettable, powerful message for wholesomeness, devotion and
    courage needed to stand by those who you love, in life and on the
    battlefield, and the permanent clash between good and evil.”

  • Click here for a preview of Damian in armor! 🙂
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Damian Lewis will play the role of Orlando in the upcoming period film Love and Virtue! Raoul Ruiz will direct the film which is based on the epic poems “The Song of Roland” and “Orlando Innamorato.” The production company’s site describes the project as “a film of undying passion, friendship, and devotion: the magical haunting saga of Charlemagne and his knights.” Damian Lewis plays the hero, a knight in Charlemagne’s court, who falls for Angelica (Virginie Ledoyen). The film will also star John Malkovich, Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah, Peter O’Toole, and Saffron Burrows. Shooting begins in March 2007 in Belgium, Luxembourg, then London.

(Sources: Variety and Hollywood Reporter.)

There’s no IMDb listing yet. Visit the project page here. For more background on the story, click on the following links: 1 l 2 l 3.

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  • Ann shared this interview with An Unfinished Life author Mark Spragg, including comments about Damian’s character of the abusive boyfriend Gary, a.k.a. Roy.
  • The alien-infested, animatronic dog – that was carried through the snow by an alien-possessed Damian Lewis in Dreamcatcher – just sold on eBay for $910.

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  • Ginger Bond! Click here and scroll down to download and listen to Damian Lewis read part one of The Living Daylights for BBC Radio’s eight part adaptation of The James Bond Stories (the clip is available in both Real Player and MP3 formats.)
  • Sue reported that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has been running promos for the 2007 broadcast of Shakespeare Retold including Much Ado About Nothing starring Damian Lewis.
    [Sue from South Australia]