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  • This review in the Winston-Salem Jounal for the Normal For Norfolk screening at the
    River Run International Film Festival in North Carolina says:

    “…The other highlight of the program is Normal for Norfolk, a dark British comedy about a man who breaks free on Halloween while he’s being transferred from one insane asylum to another. Very funny stuff…”

    Normal For Norfolk is a short film written and directed for Picture Farm by Gareth Lewis, featuring Helen McCrory and produced by Damian Lewis and Adrian Sturges; click
    here to view the film online.

  • Reminder, fans all over the world will have opportunities to enjoy Damian Lewis performances this weekend:

    » In the US BBC America is repeating Much Ado About Nothing starring Damian Lewis as the charming Benedict at 3am ET Sunday, May 6th – set your recorders!

    » Starting Sunday, May 6th at 10:35pm, ABC in Australia will begin broadcasting The Forsyte Saga, Series 2 with Damian Lewis as the sympathetic, annoying, exasperating, and very attractive Soames Forsyte.

    » BBC Radio 4 will air the first part of My Cousin Rachel with Damian Lewis as the romantic Ambrose on Sunday May 6th, the program will be available online to Listen Again for one week.

    » In the US, cable television subscribers are enjoying Damian Lewis this month as the evil, JLo-beating (but handsome!) Gary in An Unfinished Life on Starz, Encore and On Demand.

    If you think that it’s just not possible for Damian Lewis to play an unattactive character, just check out his portrayal of the very unsexy Prime Minister Tony Blair in Confessions of a Diary Secretary (he’s very convincing and funny but not at all attractive – hard to believe, but true!)

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  • According to the Hollywood Reporter it’s likely that NBC will pick up Life (a serial police drama starring Damian Lewis) for the 2007-08 US television season – keep your fingers crossed!
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  • New Damian Lewis Picture Farm production images!

    » Click here for a great cast and crew photo for The Baker (Damian and Gareth Lewis are seated together at front right center.)

    » Click here to see an image of “the baker” himself hard at work studying a cookbook.

    » Click here to view the logo for The Escapist.

  • Site update: a new Project Preview page has been added for My Cousin Rachel (featuring Damian Lewis as Ambrose) which will air this Sunday on BBC Radio 4; part II will broadcast the following Sunday, May 13th. The program will be available to Listen Again online for one week following the original broadcast.

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  • Wonderful news! Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory are expecting a second child!

    Damian’s associate Melissa has just sent this message:

    “Damian wanted you all to be the first to know that he and Helen are expecting their second child! They just had the twelve week scan and everything is fine. They are both thrilled. Please pass on the good

  • A variety of names have been reported for the police officer portrayed by Damian Lewis in Life but Damian’s associate Melissa has confirmed that his character is named “Charlie Crews”.

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Brief US tv note: Much Ado About Nothing will repeat Sunday, May 6th at 3:00AM on BBC America! (Thanks to Connie for the heads-up!)