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  • A message from Damian Lewis’s associate Melissa indicates that the Lewis family are all doing well and that new baby boy Gulliver’s middle name is “Cameron”; click here to read the message. 🙂
  • Update on Life starring Damian Lewis:

    » Listen online to a new Damian Lewis interview from Wednesday’s Bob Rivers Show on KZOK in Seattle.

    » Robin Weigert who plays Lt. Davis on Life also gave a radio interview Wednesday on The Tony Rose Show at 100.7 SAM FM in Bowling Green, KY.

    » Click here and here for information about the great music featured on Life.

    » New clips, recaps, photos, downloads and other materials have been added to the Life site at

    » This Media Blvd interview about Life with co-stars Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi appears to be the source of several recent articles about the show (spoilers!) and also includes the information that Damian’s new film The Baker will be theatrically released in the UK in March and that his appearance in The Escapist is only a cameo role.

    » Click on the links below for more articles and comments about Life (spoilers!)
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  • Click here for an article describing the Dublin locations used for the filming of The Escapist.
  • Director Martha Fiennes gave an interview to the Telegraph about her film Chromophobia starring Damian Lewis that will be released at selected Cineworld theatres in the UK on December 14th.
  • Brides (Nyfes) starring Damian Lewis was screened today, December 7th, at the International Film Festival of Kerala in India; click here to read a viewer’s comments about the film.
  • Click here for an new Damian Lewis fan video from Band of Brothers on YouTube.

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  • Tonight US television network NBC aired the “Fall Season Finale” of Life starring Damian Lewis and it was spectacular! This review (spoilers!) of the episode from Brian Ford Sullivan of the Futon Critic says of the show:

    “It all leads to the most genuine ‘I can’t believe I missed it’ moment any TV show has churned out in some time. Kudos to Damian Lewis, Rand Ravich and company … trust me, this is a great show.”

    It was also a nice surprise to see Damian’s Band of Brothers co-star Michael Cudlitz (Sgt. Randleman) making a second guest appearance on tonight’s show as inmate Mark Rawls.

    The good news is that Life will be back next year but the bad news is that it’s going to be a long, hard wait until we will have a chance to see new Charlie Crews stories starring the brilliant Damian Lewis! 😥

  • A new radio interview with Damian Lewis now available online! The interview was given by Damian Lewis this morning to Kevin and Bean on KROQ in Los Angeles about his role as Charlie Crews on Life; thanks to Melinda for the link! In the interview Damian says that he is finding it easier to maintain an American accent – even when he is in the middle of an argument. (He’s good!)
  • Click here for more details from the recent interview with Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi; including the news that the Lewis family are planning to stay in Los Angeles for the winter to enjoy the weather. Damian said “I’m putting sun cream on and walking about in my shorts.” 😀
  • Spoilers! This article about Life says that the program “has caught on via word of mouth, and a very vocal and passionate online fanbase that has been begging critics to speak out in its favor.” Good work, everyone – keep pouring it on!
  • Click here (and scroll down) to read some great comments posted by fans of Life. Click on the links below for more articles that may be of interest to supporters of the show.
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  • Great news! The region 2 DVD for The Baker, starring and produced by Damian Lewis, will be released in the UK on March 3rd! ➡

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  • In last night’s episode of Life Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) said that he like to be reincarnated as a “Giant Flemish Rabbit” just like “Bodmin” the big bunny in the picture above who lives on a farm in England!
  • Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the last day to vote for Life as The People’s Choice for “Best New TV Drama” – even if you’ve already voted once – please vote again – you can vote once per day!
  • In this new interview Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi talk about their roles as Charlie Crews and Dani Reese on Life and reveal how they’re passing the time while waiting for the end of the labor strike by the screenwriters guild.
  • The Life page at has been updated with new materials from last night’s program (part 1 of Dig a Hole. Fill It Up) and the episode is also available for free online viewing.
  • Click on the links below for more Life interviews and articles.
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  • This UK Film Council press release about British films screening at the Sundance Film Festival says this of The Escapist starring Damian Lewis:

    “Four Lottery funded titles are screening at the Sundance Film Festival taking place from January 17-27 2008 in Park City, Utah, USA, with three marking feature debuts for new British directors. Sundance is America’s leading indie festival, the premier showcase for new work by independent filmmakers…The Escapist is backed by the UK Film Council’s Premiere Fund …It is the feature debut of award-winning director Rupert Wyatt, who also co-wrote the script…

    …Sally Caplan, Head of the Premiere Fund says, ”We are delighted that Rupert Wyatt who emerged from the UK Film Council’s Cinema Extreme short film scheme is now among the talented directors whose films have been selected for Sundance 2008. We are particularly thrilled that the film has been included in the festival’s Premiere section. The Escapist is a compelling film and an excellent feature debut. It’s great to see it join a range of Lottery funded titles from new and established talent achieving recognition at one of the world’s leading film festivals…”

  • Just 2 more days to vote for Life as The People’s Choice for “Best New TV Drama” – you can vote once per day!
  • Thanks to Leah for this interview with Life co-star Sarah Shahi (a very talented artist) that includes this comment about her early career with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders:

    “Sarah is doing fantastic work,” Lewis said. “The endless questions about cheerleading are really not applicable to what she’s doing now. She’s definitely proved herself as a serious actress.” “Ah, that’s nice,” Shahi responded. “I’m going to cry.”

  • Tonight and Wednesday’s two-part episode of Life are recommended by the CanWest News Service.
  • Click here to enjoy a new Life fan video on YouTube that was created by JanePrefect.

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  • Congratulations to Mr. Damian Lewis! ➡

    This Telegraph article reveals that Damian has been named to Who’s Who in recognition of his work as an artist and also for his humanitarian work with Christian Aid to educate the public about the negative impact on the Bolivian economy (and the lives of the poor) resulting from the privatization of key utilities and industries. You can download and view Bolivia For Sale – the documentary Damian filmed on location – from the Multimedia page. Click here for the list of all the actors newly named to Who’s Who, including Joseph Fiennes – Damian’s friend and co-star in The Escapist – and Robert Lindsay, another friend and co-star from Friends and Crocodiles.

  • This article about the films premiering next month at the Sundance Film Festival includes a photo of several of the cast members for The Escapist but unfortunately not Damian Lewis. 🙁
  • Click here to download and view the trailer for the UK release of Chromophobia starring Damian Lewis (warning, the trailer includes some profanity.) The film will be theatrically released on December 14th at selected Cineworld theatres. The trailer can also be viewed here.
  • Cast your vote for Life as The People’s Choice for “Best New TV Drama” – you can vote once per day but the voting is almost over so don’t delay!
  • Don’t forget, US viewers will have the chance to watch two new episodes of Life this week! The two-part episode Dig A Hole and Fill It Up will air on Monday and Wednesday at 10pm ET.