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  • The cover art for the region 2 UK DVD of The Baker (produced by and starring Damian Lewis) is now available. The film is available for pre-order and will be released on DVD in the UK on March 3rd. Caution! Region 2 DVDs will only play on multi-region, region-free, and region 2 DVD players: UK, EU, Mideast, Egypt, So. Africa, and Japan.

    As long as you’re ordering British DVDs remember that the 2000 BBC series Hearts and Bones starring Damian Lewis was recently released on DVD! 😀

  • Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. Gareth Lewis! Gareth is the award-winning writer and director of The Baker and his birthday was January 25th. ➡

    February 11th is Damian Lewis’s birthday and fans have been asked to perform a special act of charity or kindness in his honor; click here to read more about it.

  • Viewer comments about The Escapist posted on IMDb include these observations:

    » “Within the first 2 minutes of the Escapist you know your buckled in and you won’t be getting up till the credits start rolling, and thats just how it is.”

    » “Truly superb film. I was impressed by the choice of actors … Damian Lewis, in particular, really impressed with his performance as ‘the bad guy’”

    » “I caught this at Sundance…Then I went back to a second viewing! (The only film there
    I’d felt that way about.) The audience reaction said it all … this was one of the few films at the festival which really exceeded expectations.”

    Fans are asked to rate and comment on any Damian Lewis films that you’ve seen at IMDb – free registration required. Here are the IMDb pages for The Escapist and The Baker.

  • Spoilers! Click here for a strong review of The Escapist from Patrick McGavin of Screen Daily and click
    here for a viewer report on the film.
  • The Vertigo Films site offers this biographical information about Rupert Wyatt, co-writer and director of The Escapist:

    Rupert Wyatt studied film in Paris, France and while at University started writing for producers Claudie Ossard (Amélie) and Jean-Pierre Ramsay (Total Eclipse). This was followed by four years of writing and developing features in New York for companies Shooting Gallery, Miramax
    and Radical Media. He has written and directed fifteen short films including Get the Picture (2004) starring Brian Cox and Lloyd Owen and winner of the 2004 Cambridge Film Festival. Founding member of PICTURE FARM, London & New York based production company which includes film makers Adrian Sturges, Ben Freedman, Damian Lewis, Gareth Lewis and
    Marc Singer (dir: Dark Days).

    Rupert’s first feature The Escapist will be released by Vertigo in April. He is currently working on The Trail which will start shooting in New Mexico this summer.

  • Spoilers! The Personal Pineapple livejournal site now offers “re-watch and discussion pages” for
    Merit Badge (episode 1) and Tear Assunder (episode 2) and have scheduled Wednesday, January 30th as the re-watch and discussion day for Let Her Go (episode 3).
  • This blogger has selected Life as one of the 10 best television dramas of the year stating: “Damian Lewis plays Charlie Crews as a peculiar guy who is inquisitive yet wise. He’s an interesting character whose quirks never overwhelm the character… He’s the star and he makes watching mesmerizing.”

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  • The BBC Film Network has filed a report on UK films premiering at the Sundance Film Festival that includes video interviews with the cast and crew of The Escapist. The interviews include discussions with writer/director Rupert Wyatt, producer Adrian Sturges, Brian Cox and other cast members and also this interview with co-star Damian Lewis. The clips are also available for download from the Multimedia page. (Thanks to snafu1940 for the heads-up and thanks to Kaz for the clips!)
  • Click on the links below for more articles and reviews about The Escapist:
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  • Information about Damian Lewis was included in this recent “Ask Stacy” article on
  • The Damian Lewis Yahoo! Group was launched on September 24, 2001 during the initial US run of Band of Brothers on HBO. There are now more than 4,400 members in the group but did you ever wonder how it all got started? Click here to read an explanation from Selene, the site’s creator and administrator – and a big thank you to Selene! 🙂

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  • Great new pictures of Damian Lewis! Check them out at the Gallery and enjoy!
  • More strong reviews for Damian Lewis’s new film The Escapist directed by Rupert Wyatt:

    Sundance critic Alex Billington gives the film 9 stars (out of 10) and says “I was completely blown away by The Escapist, in all aspects, and I’m still recovering from how amazing it was. … Great editing combined with an incredibly rich visual style, a riveting and inspiring story, one of the best scores I’ve heard in ages, and uncanny performances have resulted in my new favorite escape movie. The Escapist is a bold, energetic, intense, and inspiring film that surprised and impressed me more than almost any film at Sundance.”

    (Spoilers!) A viewer shared his opinions about The Escapist with Ain’t It Cool News including this comment: “the various characters are interesting, especially the prison kingpin Rizza (Damian Lewis)”

  • Click on the links below to read comments and reviews about Damian Lewis performances as Soames Forsyte, Charlie Crews, and Richard Winters.

    l 1 l
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    3 l

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  • Talk about luck! Two members of the Damian Lewis Yahoo! Group – Gryffynchan and Michelle – had the opportunity to meet Damian Lewis, Rupert Wyatt, Adrian Sturges, and Daniel Hardy at last night’s Sundance screening of The Escapist! Click here to read Gryffynchan’s thrilling report!
  • Selected comments about The Escapist from Variety reviewer Robert Koehler:

    “…Made with solid, mainstream values by tyro director Rupert Wyatt (who co-wrote with Daniel Hardy) and starring such reliable thesps as Brian Cox and Damian Lewis…”


    “…cold, heartless Rizza (Lewis) heads “The Cons” with a brutal hand…”

    Click here for the full article.

  • This viewer’s comments about The Escapist are posted on IMDB:

    “…Really solid film … I was impressed … it works as a prison break movie and as something deeper…Great acting throughout…”

  • Click here and here for viewer comments about Damian Lewis and his various performances from the blogosphere.

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  • More photos of Damian Lewis at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival! Check out Dryope’s Journal for lots of high resolution images and be sure to regularly visit the Warehouse Gallery for the newest pictures.
  • Damian told the Metro that he loved working on his new film The Escapist which premiered at Sundance last night. Click on the links below for more articles and comments about the movie and the festival:
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    3 l

  • Click here to learn how you can help celebrate Damian Lewis’s February 11th birthday.
  • This viewer posted an extensive review of The Forsyte Saga I and II starring Damian Lewis (spoilers!)