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  • World Premiere! Damian Lewis’s new film The Escapist will screen in the prestigious “Premieres” section at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival which runs January 17-27, 2008 in Park City, Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Sundance, Utah. Click here and here for more information. ➡

    The film was written and directed by Rupert Wyatt and produced by Adrian Sturges for Picture Farm, a UK film production company founded by Wyatt and Sturges along with brothers Damian and Gareth Lewis. Damian may attend the premiere according to information received from producer Adrian Sturges.

  • More news about Life!

    » The NBC.EPK.TV site now offers interviews with Damian Lewis, Sarah Shahi, and Adam Arkin discussing the upcoming 2-part episode Dig a Hole and Fill It Up. Note: ignore the “checkboxes” and the “add to cart” options; just click on a title, e.g., “INTERVIEW EXCERPTS: DAMIAN LEWIS”, and the video will download and play. Click here to view the “B-roll” from the on location filming in Los Angeles. (Thanks to Ann for the links!)

    » In this interview Life co-star Adam Arkin (Ted Earley) talks about his plans to direct a few of the show’s episodes.

    » This Entertainment Weekly article indicates that season 1 of Life will be released on DVD, probably next year. 😀

    » Click here for a new Life fan video on YouTube.

    » Click on the links below for new, episode 9 (Serious Control Issues) fan resources that have been added to NBC’s official site for Life:
    1) Video clip,
    2) Photo Recap, and
    3) Conspiracy Wall Updates.

    » If you are located in the US you can view the five most recent episodes of Life via free download at and all the program’s episodes are available for purchase ($1.89 each) at
    Amazon Unbox.

    » Don’t forget to vote for Life as the People’s Choice for the “Favorite New Television Drama”.

  • The trailer for the UK distribution of Chromophobia starring Damian Lewis is now available on YouTube (warning, strong language!) The movie will be theatrically released in the UK on December 14th.
  • Click here to read about a special screening of the brilliant Lodge Kerrigan film Keane, starring Damian Lewis, that took place at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on November 26th.

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  • Life rules!

    » Episode 9 of Life titled Serious Control Issues will air at 10pm ET in the US tomorrow night (Wednesday, Nov. 28th); episode 10 Dig a Hole will broadcast next Monday (Dec. 3rd) and we will see episode 11 Fill It Up on Wednesday, Dec 5th. That will be the last of the new Life episodes until the Writers Guild Association’s labor strike is resolved. 😥

    Let’s hope that the strike ends soon so everyone can get back to making great shows about everyone’s favorite detective – the MangoMan – Charlie Crews!

    » Click on the links below for photos of Damian Lewis doing his own stunts during the filming of Life on location in East Los Angeles.
    l 1 l
    2 l
    3 l
    4 l
    5 l

    » Connie reported that the December 3-9 issue of TV Guide Magazine includes a photo of Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi on page 62. On page 46 the Rochell Thomas column’s “My Kind of Math” insert offers this little gem – “Monk + $Multimillions and a Sex Drive = Charlie Crews from Life”!

    » Good news for Damian Lewis fans in Spain; Life will premiere on the AXN network on January 21st! Click here and here for more information.

    » Brian Stelter of the New York Times said that “dozens of fans immediately wrote in to come to the show’s defense” after Friday’s article predicted that NBC would cancel Life; good work, guys! 🙂

    » Don’t forget to vote for Life as the people’s choice for the “Best New Television Drama”.

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  • Wonderful news about Life starring Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi!

    » NBC has ordered 9 more episodes of Life so let’s hope that the writer’s strike is satisfactorily resolved soon and everyone gets back to work! ➡

    According to the NBC Press Release “We’re thrilled to pick up ‘Life,’ which is produced by our own studio, for a full season,” said Ben Silverman, Co-chairman, NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios. “We’re so appreciative of the cast, producers and crew for delivering such a high-quality, compelling drama each week and we look forward to many more episodes to come.”

    Universal Media Studios President Katherine Pope said: “Rand Ravich, Far Shariat and their team have re-invented the cop show genre with ‘Life.’ With the pitch-perfect Damian Lewis at the center of a brilliant cast, each week this show has quietly built since its premiere into the little engine that could. We have every confidence that this drama will continue to impress audiences and critics with the quality of the acting and the writing.”

    Click on the links below to read all about it!
    l 1 l
    2 l
    3 l
    4 l

    » Click here for a new Life fan video on YouTube.

    » This blogger offers a Life Survival Guide to help fans deal with the withdrawal symptoms expected when NBC runs of of new Life episodes due to the WGA labor strike.

    » Don’t forget to vote for Life as the people’s choice for the “Best New Television Drama”.

  • Ann has discovered a Hungarian DVD vendor (Filmsarok) who will sell and internationally ship copies of the region 2 DVD for The Baker starring and produced by Damian Lewis. Just send an English language email to Mr. Ivanics to order the DVD for A pék (The Baker). The cost is $20 US including shipping and handling and they will accept PayPal and other payment options. also sells the region 2 DVD for The Situation starring Damian Lewis. Both DVDs offer original English and Hungarian (Magyar)-dubbed versions of the films. Caution! These are region 2 DVDs so they will only play in multi/region-free or region 2 (UK, EU, MidEast, Egypt, SoAfrica, and Japan) players; click here for more information about DVD regions and players.

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  • A number of fans have posted messages supporting Life starring Damian Lewis in response to the recent New York Times “…Death of Life?” article; please keep “pouring it on” and let them know that you want to see Life kept on the air!
  • In this interview Kevin Falls (producer of Journeyman on NBC) says that “Life is on an upswing” and will be taking Journeyman’s Monday night timeslot. Although we are sorry to hear about Journeyman it is good news that NBC still plans to support Life (at least for awhile).
  • Click here for a new Life fan video on YouTube created by dreamsofthespider.
  • Vote for Life as the people’s choice for the “Best New Television Drama”.
  • Thanks to Debbie for sharing the news that WNET PBS Channel 13 in New York has been re-broadcasting The Forsyte Saga, Series II staring Damian Lewis on Masterpiece Theatre.

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  • The Baker will screen at the Bonus Card 6th International Comedy Films Festival in Istanbul, Turkey on Monday, November 26th at 9:30pm at the Alkazar. The movie was written and directed by Gareth Lewis and stars Damian Lewis who also produces. The Baker will screen as part of the Most Serious Comedy Film Competition and winners will be selected by the audience; click here for tickets.
  • This New York Times article indicates that US television network NBC will be showing Dateline at 10pm on Wednesday nights when they run out of episodes of Life starring Damian Lewis due to the current labor strike by the Writers Guild Association. The NY Times goes on to predict that Life will be cancelled – fans of the show are encouraged to post comments supporting Life at the NY Times site.
  • Don’t forget to vote for Life to win the People’s Choice Award for the “Best New Television Drama”.