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  • In this
    article about the new television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (spoilers!) Whitney Pastorek says that the “basic Terminator body language signifier is to cock her head to the side and peer very closely at the thing in front of her. This gesture reminds me a lot of Damian Lewis on Life, a much better program in general.”

  • Damian Lewis plans to attend the world premiere of The Escapist on January 21st at the
    Sundance Film Festival in Utah! Damian is a founding partner of the film’s production company Picture Farm and he is featured in the movie – which was written and directed by his friend and business partner Rupert Wyatt. It is not yet known if Damian’s schedule will allow him to attend subsequent screenings but Wyatt and the remaining cast members plan to participate in the January 22nd screening; click here for more information.
  • Filmmaker magazine asked Sundance directors to “play the percentages” and indicate when they wanted 10% more (or less) of something during the creation of their movies; here is the response from Rupert Wyatt about The Escapist.

  • On January 17th author Anthony Horowitz will participate in a Chicago-area book signing event to promote his new, young-adult Alex Rider story titled Snakehead. The event will include a special screening of Stormbreaker – the first Alex Rider film which features Damian Lewis in the role of Russian assassin Yassen Gregorovich; click here and here for more information.

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  • Damian Lewis gave a new interview to Patricia Sheridan of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that includes a discussion of his character Detective Charlie Crews on Life. He also spoke about his childhood, acting career, and the process of acquiring an American accent. (Thanks to Snafu1940 for sharing this interesting interview.)
  • The latest edition of “Studio Pass” (NBC’s weekly newsletter) says that full seasons of some shows will no longer be available for online viewing after January 18th. It is not yet known if Life is one of these programs but it may be a good idea to catch up on your online viewing while you’ve got the chance! (Available to US residents only.)
  • Life starring Damian Lewis will premiere in New Zealand on TV3 on January 21st and television critic Philip Wakefield has selected it as one of the best shows of the week saying:

    “Life: Premiere of a whimsical detective drama starring Damian Lewis as an ex-con-cum-cop who rejoins the force after being framed. The Hollywood Reporter called his charismatic character “both unpredictable and impossible to pigeonhole”. TV3, 8.30pm Monday.”

  • Lucky Gryffynchan hopes to attend a screening of the The Escapist featuring Damian Lewis at the
    Sundance Film Festival; click here to contact Gryffynchan to learn more about it.
  • This IndieWire article discusses the tough competition for distribution facing films screening at Sundance – including The Escapist.
  • Youtube update: click here for “The Knife Exchange” (a scene from “Let Her Go”, episode 3 of Life) and click here for “Going My Way” (a scene from “Currahee”, episode 1 of Band of Brothers).
  • John Greenwald, film reviewer for the Republican American, calls Friends and Crocodiles starring Damian Lewis and Jodhi May “excellent” and one of the best films of 2007.

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Breakfast with Damian Lewis – Jan 14, 2008

Patricia Sheridan’s Breakfast With … Damian Lewis

Patricia Sheridan- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette- JAN 14, 2008

He plays Detective Charlie Crews, who was falsely imprisoned and is back solving crimes on NBC’s acclaimed series “Life,” but the British actor with the flawless American accent was first seen on HBO’s “Band of Brothers.” Damian Lewis talks about acquiring the accent, growing up in London and repressing his repressive side. The writers strike has shut down production of “Life,” but past episodes can be seen at

Continue reading Breakfast with Damian Lewis – Jan 14, 2008

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  • Damian Lewis update! ➡

    A ”Happy New Year” message kindly sent by Damian’s associate Melissa indicates that the Lewis family plan to stay in the UK until the labor strike by the Writers Guild of America is resolved and work resumes on his NBC program Life. The family are all doing well, Helen McCrory will soon be filming her role as Narcissa Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and preparing to return to the stage in Ibsen’s Rosmersholm opening at the Almeida in May. New baby Gulliver “is very sweet with gorgeous chipmunk cheeks and very alert” and his big sister Manon is an auburn-haired beauty!

  • Spoiler! Brian Ford Sullivan of the Futon Critic has listed Fill It Up (episode 11 of LIFE) as number 34 of the “50 Best Episodes of 2007” saying that “Jack Reese telling Charlie (Damian Lewis) that he didn’t notice he had Rachel Seybolt all along still gives me chills.”

  • According to information posted at the NBC Life community forum a message received from John Miller, Chief Marketing Officer, NBC Universal Television Group said “We believe in the show but we have run out of originals due to the strike…but it will be back.”
  • Click here to download and unzip Damian’s December 3, 2007 video interview on Atlanta & Company for the mid-season finale of Life. This is the interview that includes Damian’s unexpected – but charming – use of the phrase “softly, softly catchee monkey,” a British slang expression meaning “move slowly and cautiously.” Thanks to Kaz for the clip! (11.9 MB, WMV format) 🙂
  • Click here and here to read more positive comments from viewers about Life and Damian Lewis’s mesmerizing portrayal of Detective Charlie Crews.
  • The new season of the PBS Masterpiece Theatre series will premiere in the US on Sunday, January 13th. This season the show will have a new host, a new look, and an new opening that will offer a glimpse of Damian Lewis as Soames Forsyte in The Forsyte Saga; click here for more information.
  • Well-known fashion photographer Ian Rankin recently told the Daily Mail that he appreciates Damian Lewis’s sense of style saying: “Pharrell Williams does it for me, style-wise. So do actors Daniel Craig and Damian Lewis. I like the Sixties vibe that Daniel Craig has – when he makes an effort he looks amazing.” 😀

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  • Repeat episodes of Life starring Damian Lewis are no longer scheduled to air on January 19th and February 2nd according to the NBC/Universal site. 😥

    Lets’s hope this is just a temporary setback and that NBC plans to rebroadcast and promote this excellent program very soon! 🙁

  • Click here and here for scans of the January 14, 2008 TV Guide article about Damian Lewis and Steve McQueen that Terry has kindly posted at the Photo Gallery Warehouse.
  • All across the Internet fans are still praising Life and Damian Lewis’s wonderful portrayal of Detective Charlie Crews; click on the links below to read some examples:
    l 1 l
    2 l
    3 l
    4 l
  • Congratulations to Helen McCrory! The People’s Choice Awards were announced yesterday and Becoming Jane, featuring Helen in the role of Mrs. Radcliffe, received the “Favorite Independent Film” award! 😀