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  • The Best of Masterpiece Theatre is scheduled to air on PBS stations in the US on December 2nd (check local listings, schedules may vary). The program features interviews, clips, and a countdown of the show’s best dramas and performances as selected by the viewing public – and it’s no surprise that The Forsyte Saga and Damian Lewis’s brilliant protrayal of Soames Forsyte are very highly-rated!
  • This analysis of the US fall television season from PopMatters lists Life as one of the season’s successes and says that “star Damian Lewis is mesmerizing”.
  • Thanks to Tams for reminding us of this E! Online video interview with Damian Lewis and other cast members on the set of Life for the Kristin Vine Show.
  • Remember to vote for Life to win the People’s Choice Award for the “Best New Television Drama”.
  • Click here and here for articles about the casting of Helen McCrory as Narcissa (Lestrange) Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

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  • According to the Berkeley Square Ball site Damian Lewis is an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust organization. Damian helped raise money for the charity by performing his famous Elvis Presley impression at the ball in 2005; click here to download a clip (Zip file) of that performance or click here to enjoy it on YouTube.
  • Chromophobia starring Damian Lewis will screen at a charity event at the Phoenix Picturehouse in Oxford on November 14th; director Martha Fiennes and some of the film’s cast members will participate in a
    Question and Answer session after the screening. The film will be released theatrically in the UK on December 14th and is also available on DVD in France.
  • In this interview Sarah Shahi, Damian Lewis’s co-star in Life, talks about her role as Detective Reese.
  • Click here to access the With Open Arms and an Open Heart site for Life created by creese_fan.
  • Click here to view the free pilot episode for Life (registration required).
  • Vote for Life to win The People’s Choice Award for the “Best New Television Drama”.

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  • The sexy sunglasses that Damian Lewis wears in Life are Persols from Italy (model 2763). Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan have also favored Persol sunglasses in Casino Royale and Die Another Day.
  • Unconfirmed reports posted on the NBC Life Message Board say that the production of Life will be stopping “almost immediately” (even though scripts are available for at least two episodes that have not yet been filmed) because most of the actors are supporting the strike by the Screenwriters Guild.
  • This article indicates that baseball caps for several California professional league teams (including the Modesto Nuts!) will be prominently featured as clues in Farthingale, (episode 8 of Life that will air in the US on November 14th.)
  • New additions on YouTube: click here for the very funny “Intenet for Idiots” clip from Powerless (episode 6 of Life) and click
    here for a new fan video for Charlie Crews.

  • Keep voting (through December 6th) for Life as The People’s Choice for the Best New Television Drama. You can also vote for Becoming Jane featuring Helen McCrory as The People’s Choice for the Best Independent Film.

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  • Life updates:

    » Click here at the gallery to view screencaps from Episode 7 – A Civil War. Thanks, again to Capslock!

    th-lifes01e07-002.jpg th-lifes01e07-005.jpg th-lifes01e07-007.jpg th-lifes01e07-009.jpg

    » Vote for Life as your Favorite New TV Drama for the People’s Choice Award! (Thanks to Laura for the heads up!)

    » This site offers a list of songs and links for the music in Life episodes. The music played in the recent episode titled A Civil War includes Daft Punk Playing at My House by LCD Soundsystem and Pictures of Matchstick Men by Camper Van Bethoven.

    » Page 47 of the November 16th issue of Entertainment Weekly offers a photo of Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi and includes Life in their Must List as one of the “ten things we love this week”! Thanks to Ann for sharing this information.

    » Click on the links below for clips, photos, and information recently added to NBC’s official site for Life:
    l 1 l
    2 l
    3 l
    4 l

    » This intelligent review proclaims that “Damian Lewis Brings Good Things to Life!”

  • Click here for updated information about ordering the region 2 DVD for The Baker from Netpiac (EU residents only).
  • Friends and Crocodiles starring Damian Lewis will air on BBC2 at 9:55 pm tomorrow night (November 10th) in conjunction with Poliakoff Night.
  • Click here to read the great news that Helen McCrory has been cast as Narcissa Malfoy in The Half-Blood Prince, the sixth Harry Potter movie!

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  • Individuals living in EU countries can order the Hungarian region 2 DVD for The Baker (produced by and starring Damian Lewis) from Netpiac. The DVD offers both original English and Hungarian-dubbed versions and the cost is 25.37 euros for the DVD and shipping.
    Netpiac also offers a region 2 DVD for The Situation starring Damian Lewis. Contact Selene with information or advice regarding the DVDs or the ordering process.
  • According to the UK Film Distributors site Chromophobia will be released in UK cinemas on December 14th and The Escapist has a UK cinematic release date of April 11th, and Helen McCrory’s film with Danial Craig titled Flashbacks of a Fool will be released on March 14th!

  • Video clip update:

    » Click here for the Spanish trailer for Keane.

    » Click here for Donna De Lory’s rendition of In the Sun from Life episode 5 The Fallen Woman.

    » This site is offers several video clips from Life.

    » US viewers should keep on the lookout for new promotional ads for Life currently running on NBC.

  • Click on the links below for interviews, articles, and reviews about Life:
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    2 l
    3 l
    4 l