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  • Tomorrow night, Wednesday September 26th, is the US network premiere of Life staring Damian Lewis at 10 pm ET (9 pm CT) on NBC!
  • On Wednesday morning September 26th Damian will make a guest appearance on NBC’s Today Show between 9 – 10 am ET to talk about his role as Charlie Crews in Life.
  • NBC will host a live blog chat at 11 pm (ET) on September 26th with Life cast and/or crew.
  • There’s a fantastic new review for Life in the Los Angeles Times! Author Mary McNamara says “Damian Lewis sets a whole new standard for the broken hero genre” and “Playing it long and lugubrious but with a tantalizing twinkle, Lewis…may well wrest the mantle of sexiest troubled American played by a Brit away from Hugh Laurie.”
  • Rick Kushman of the Houston Chronicle says that Life is “…done with an energetic sense of originality. Lewis is compelling in his mix of earnestness and quirkiness, the writing is muscular and swift, and it adds up to a new twist on the old cop show.”
  • Click here and here for images and information about episode 4 of Life titled “In and Out” (spoiler warnings!)
  • Click here to download and view a new video feature about Life presented by WRCB in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  • On Friday, October 12th at 7:30 pm MT Mark Spragg (the author of An Unfinished Life which featured Damian Lewis in the film version) will read from his works at the Teton County Public Library in Jackson, Wyoming.

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  • Countdown to the NBC US Network premiere of Life starring Damian Lewis on Wednesday September 26, 2007 at 10 pm (ET)!

    » The front section of today’s edition of the New York Times includes a full-length, full-page (22.5 in x 11.5 in) advertisement for Life featuring a full-length shot of Damian Lewis! A scan of the upper portion of the ad has been added to the Warehouse (and Damian looks great!) 😀

    » A new video interview with Damian Lewis and co-star Sarah Shahi is now available online! Click here or here to download and view this new clip presented by the First Coast News show in Jacksonville, FL.

    » As promised, NBC is offering live “blog chat” sessions with various cast and crew members of new and returning shows immediately following the premiere of each program. Although the link is not yet live it is expected that the Life blog chat will take place here at 11 pm (ET) on September 26th.

    » E! Online has cited Life as one of “The Five Best New Shows You Must Watch” this season!

    » Click here and
    here for more comments about Life (spoilers!):

  • The Escapist starring Damian Lewis and The Baker (partially produced by and starring Damian Lewis) are expected to screen at The American Film Market in Santa Monica, CA that will run from October 31st through November 7th. The AFM is only open to film industry professionals but 40 selected films will be offered for “public screenings” during the festival. The AFM schedule will be published on October 1st. Either or both of the films may also be selected to screen at the American Film Institute (AFI) Festival that will run in Los Angeles, CA from November 1 through 11.
  • Thanks to Jen for updating us on upcoming broadcasts of Damian Lewis programs in Australia:

    » Keane will air on World Movies on October 10th at 10:35 am and again on October 11th at 8:50 am

    » Stormbreaker will be televised on Movie One on October 25th at 8:30 pm and repeated at 10:30 pm

    » And don’t forget that Life will premiere in Australia on Wednesday, October 3rd at 9:30 pm on Ten

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  • Updates for Damian Lewis’s new TV series Life that will officially premiere in the US on NBC September 26th:

    » NBC has added two new video clips to their web site for Life; the new clips are titled “Meet the Cast & Crew” and “LIFE BTS Featurette” and are also currently available on some Video On Demand channels.

    » According to the Lodi News-Sentinel two local police captains appear as extras in the pilot for Life and one of them is the brother-in-law of producer Far Shariat.

    » The unmarked police vehicle driven by Damian Lewis in Life is a Ford Taurus. In the pilot episode his personal car is a $100,000 Bentley and he also owns a “big, red tractor”.

    » Click here to access a new fan site for Life that has been created by Ryan and click here for the Damian Lewis/Life page at Pop Tower.

    » Ann reported that the September 28th issue of Entertainment Weekly offers an advertisement for the premiere of Life and also includes an intriguing reference to “orginal bonus content brought to you by Mastercard“!? (Promotions for Life also appear in the current issues of People and In Touch.)

    » This review in The Star describes Life as a “…remarkable new drama…anchored and brilliantly balanced by the nuanced lead performance of British Band of Brothers break-out Damian Lewis…” The article also includes quotes from Damian and writer/producer Rand Ravich.

  • The University College of Engineering, University of the Basque Country in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain will host a free screening of Keane starring Damian Lewis on October 29th. The film will be shown in the original English with Spanish subtitles. The UK television premiere of Keane took place on September 21st on Film4.

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  • Still more “alternative media” options for viewing Life starring Damian Lewis!
    Episodes of Life will be available on Verizon’s wireless mobile television VCast service. Also NBC will offer free downloads (with commercials) of each episode for one week after the original broadcast on their new NBC Direct service; click here for more information.
  • The USA Network has started running promotional ads for Life. Episodes will repeat on USA and Bravo after the original broadcast on NBC; check the Schedule for the full list of upcoming Damian Lewis performances and events.
  • The wedding of actors Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans took place in Los Cabos, Mexico on September 14th. Ioan is Damian’s long-time friend and co-star and Los Cabos is an easy trip from LA; so do you see Damian anywhere in this photo? Is he the tall man on the left in the dark suit or perhaps the tall man on the right in the light suit? Or do feel that he’s not in this picture at all? Oh well, it’s fun to speculate and our congratulations to the happy Bride and Groom! (And also a big thank you to D for giving us this chance to “hunt for that ginger fellow”!)

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  • Life, the new dramatic television series starring Damian Lewis, will premiere in Australia on Wednesday, October 3rd at 9:30 pm on Ten (immediately following House!) Click here for more information. ➡
  • The pilot episode for Life is now also freely available on aol.