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  • New photos have been added to the Warehouse Gallery! ➡

    » Click here for images of Damian Lewis at the premiere party for his new NBC show Life. The party was at the Celadon in Los Angeles on September 26, 2007. Some of the others pictured include cast members Brooke Langton, Sarah Shahi, Robin Weigert, Brent Sexton and Adam Arkin; also executive producers Rand Ravich and Far Shariat and NBC/Universal Television President Katherine Pope.

    » Click here for photos of Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory at the Smythson store opening also in Los Angeles on September 26th.

    » Click here for fantastic new still photographs of Damian Lewis from NBC’s official site for Life.

  • Thanks to Sue from South Australia for this scan of a new review for the October 3rd Australian premiere of Life (immediately following House on Ten.)
  • The Telegraph has a highly entertaining new interview with Helen McCrory discussing her career, her marriage to Damian Lewis, parenthood, her portrayal of Cherie Blair in The Queen, and her starring role in a modern production of Frankenstein that will air in the UK on ITV1 in October. Click here for a video clip of ITV’s upcoming fall dramas including a few brief glimpses of Helen in Frankenstein.

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  • Keep checking the official site for Life starring Damian Lewis because NBC continues to add new features and content daily; including new photos, opportunities to rate and comment about the show, as well as (still unpopulated) pages for “Music” and “News”!
  • NBC has started to run new promotional ads for Life as the “critically acclaimed surprise hit of the season” (but why is anyone surprised, after all the star of the show is Damian Lewis!)
  • Click here for a press release from Ten (the Australian television network) about Life’s impressive US opening night ratings and the Australian premiere on October 3rd.
  • Click here and here to read what the viewers are saying about Life.

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  • Episode one of Life is now available for free online viewing at
  • In a new interview with the New York Post Damian Lewis discussed his role as Charlie Crews in Life.
  • According to an NBC press release over 10 million viewers watched the premiere of Life which was ranked first for its target demographic:

    “…At 10 p.m. ET, the series premiere of “Life” (4.1/11 in 18-49, 10.1 million viewers overall) won its highly competitive hour in adults 18-49, adults 18-34, adults 25-54 and all key male demos. “Life” scored NBC’s highest rating in this time period since June 21, 2006 and improved on NBC’s premiere-week 18-49 rating in this time period last season by 46 percent (4.1 vs. 2.8) and the network’s year-ago overall viewer total by 34 percent (10.1 million vs. 7.6 million)…”

    Click here tp read what Variety has to say about the Wednesday night ratings.

  • (Spoiler Alert!) The musical soundtrack for episode one of Life has generated a lot of discussion; here’s all the information we have so far:

    » According to this site the song played during the “I’m not in love with this car” scene (when Charlie pulls over his ex-wife’s new husband for a minor traffic violation) is Single Sedative from a new album titled Ameritown by the Eastern Conference Champions. (Warning, explicit lyrics!)

    » The song that plays near the end of the show (while Charlie is studying his “conspiracy wall” ) is Dream Awake by the Frames.

    » During last night’s live, online blog chat at Rand Ravich (Life’s creator and producer) had this to say about the show’s music:

    “We have a music supervisor named Liza Richardson, but I also write the music and when I imagine scenes and situations I have a cue in my head. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but I do have an active role in music for the show.

    For a big scene, I usually have the song in my head early on. When the scene starts coming together, I can cut it in and see if it works… then we have to see if we can actually afford it.” 😆

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  • Tonight was the US network premiere of Life on NBC and the program was terrific! ➡

    » Rand Ravich (creator and producer for Life) took part in a live, online blog chat after the premiere and the audience response to the program (and Damian’s performance) was overwhelmingly positive! Click here to read the questions, comments, and responses from Mr. Ravich.

    » Damian Lewis appeared on NBC’s Today Show this morning (live from New York City) and was interviewed by Matt Lauer about his portrayal of Charlie Crews on Life; click here to view the interview online.

    » Damian Lewis and Rand Ravich gave a very extensive interview to TiVo Central that includes information about the research Damian did for the role of Charlie Crews and a discussion of his motivations for becoming an actor! (We’re thrilled that he decided to become an actor!)

    » NBC has completely revamped the official web site for Life including the addition of games and interactive elements.

    » Click here and here to vote for Life against tonight’s other premieres.

    » Click here for a review of Life from the New York Daily News and click here for a review from the Boston Globe.

    » Today’s New York Times features another full-length, full-page ad for Damian Lewis in Life!

  • This blogger has declared Damian Lewis as the “Hunk of the Day” (make that EVERY day and she’ll have it right!) 😉

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  • Tomorrow night, Wednesday September 26th, is the US network premiere of Life staring Damian Lewis at 10 pm ET (9 pm CT) on NBC!
  • On Wednesday morning September 26th Damian will make a guest appearance on NBC’s Today Show between 9 – 10 am ET to talk about his role as Charlie Crews in Life.
  • NBC will host a live blog chat at 11 pm (ET) on September 26th with Life cast and/or crew.
  • There’s a fantastic new review for Life in the Los Angeles Times! Author Mary McNamara says “Damian Lewis sets a whole new standard for the broken hero genre” and “Playing it long and lugubrious but with a tantalizing twinkle, Lewis…may well wrest the mantle of sexiest troubled American played by a Brit away from Hugh Laurie.”
  • Rick Kushman of the Houston Chronicle says that Life is “…done with an energetic sense of originality. Lewis is compelling in his mix of earnestness and quirkiness, the writing is muscular and swift, and it adds up to a new twist on the old cop show.”
  • Click here and here for images and information about episode 4 of Life titled “In and Out” (spoiler warnings!)
  • Click here to download and view a new video feature about Life presented by WRCB in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  • On Friday, October 12th at 7:30 pm MT Mark Spragg (the author of An Unfinished Life which featured Damian Lewis in the film version) will read from his works at the Teton County Public Library in Jackson, Wyoming.