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  • Happy New Year to Damian Lewis fans everywhere! Wishing you great joy in 2007!
  • More praise for Damian Lewis and Keane:
    » Variety described Damian’s portrayal of William Keane as one of the “..rawest, most committed and ultimately most transcendent performances of the year…”

    » The Independent said “Among the (year’s) best performances: … Damian Lewis for his unravelling loner in Lodge Kerrigan’s Keane…”

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  • Site updates:

    » See the new Preview page for Life starring Damian Lewis.

    » Check out the updated Schedule of Damian-related events.

    » Download the current James Bond Story episodes in RealPlayer and MP3 format.

  • Jo-Anne shared her icons for Colditz and Brides.
  • Here’s a bit more information about the PBS 35th anniversary special – The Best of Masterpiece Theatre – featuring Damian Lewis. The program will run during a Pledge Drive so it will probably be broadcast on many PBS stations on March 4th but it is likely that there will be Pledge Break interruptions. (Oh well, that’s how they make revenue to broadcast excellent programs like The Forsyte Saga!)

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  • Click here (and scroll down) or here to listen to Damian Lewis read part 1 of For Your Eyes Only, episode 7 of The James Bond Stories on BBC Radio 2 (MP3 format to follow).
  • This article includes information about the pilot episode for Life and says “…Best known for his role in the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, the ruggedly handsome Lewis signed a deal to star in a NBC crime drama next season…”
  • New Keane articles:
    » According to Variety, Soda Pictures is doing a great job promoting Keane and Damian Lewis for BAFTA consideration.

    » This reviewer says “…Damian Lewis’ performance as a broken man in Lodge Kerrigan’s unnerving drama is utterly remarkable, making you fear him amidst the empathy you feel for him…”
    » This article states that “…Keane … would be a uniformly engrossing experience whenever it was released…With a fiercely convincing central performance (by the terrific British actor Lewis), a terrifying, first-person evocation of madness…”
  • This Daily Mail article praises Helen McCrory’s performance in The Queen saying “…Though Helen Mirren rightly stole the plaudits, Michael Sheen and Helen McCrory were also tremendous as Tony and Cherie Blair…”

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  • Damian Lewis will be interviewed on the Best of Masterpiece Theatre special on March 4th at 9 PM (ET) on US PBS stations. Derek Jacobi will host a countdown of the top 12 viewer favorite Masterpiece Theatre productions. Click here and here for more information. (Thanks to
    sonny2fine for posting the news!)
  • The Situation starring Damian Lewis will screen at the Palm Springs International Film Festival on January 5th and 7th.
  • Jen shared the news that Much Ado About Nothing starring Damian Lewis will air on Australia’s ABC channel on January 14th at 8:30 PM. The Region 4 DVD will be released in Australia on January 3rd.
  • A big welcome to three great new affiliates:
    » Philip Seymour Hoffman Web
    » Catherine Keener Fan
  • Both The Queen featuring Helen McCrory and Keane starring Damian Lewis are included in this list of the year’s best films.

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  • Ann shared the news that the US History Channel will host a Band of Brothers Marathon on January 6th and 7th.
  • This review of Keane says that the “…plot is secondary to Damian Lewis’ astonishing performance in the title role. When Keane desperately belts out The Four Tops’ “Sugar Pie, Honeybunch” in a near-empty bar, it hurts mostly because we know he’s just telling the truth: he can’t help himself…”