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Damian Lewis is in For Life – Oct 4, 2007

Damian Lewis is in For ‘Life’

The Associated Press – Today – October 4, 2007

It wouldn’t be hard to feel jealous of LAPD Detective Charlie Crews.

He’s got millions in the bank, a huge house, no lack of female companionship — and a Zen attitude to keep him mellow.

On the other hand: Crews spent a dozen brutal years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit (his hefty cash settlement came from the state of California when his lawyer got him cleared). His marriage was over. And now that he’s back on the job, co-workers rudely speculate on why he returned — and don’t trust his motives. Nothing to envy there.

But Crews makes the best of life, and then some. That’s what “Life” is about.

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  • Watch Life starring Damian Lewis on Wednesday night!

    » Tomorrow night Tear Assunder (episode two of Life) will air at 10pm ET on NBC in the US and on Global TV in Canada.

    » Also on Wednesday night the pilot episode for Life (Merit Badge) will premiere on Ten at 9:30pm in Australia; click here for an article about the Australian premiere of the program.

    » Amy shared the news that Life is also repeating in Canada on Saturday nights on NTV (PDF file).

    » Spoiler warning! Click here to read the storylines for the first 4 episodes of Life; the title of episode 3 has been changed from Trickster to Let Her Go.

    » Click here and here for more viewer comments about Life.

    » Each week IMDb updates their “Starmeter” and “Moviemeter” statistics by calculating the increase/decrease in hits on their pages as an indication of the relative popularity of the actor or the show. The Moviemeter for Life is up 624% since last week and the Starmeter for Damian Lewis is up 363%! The page for Sarah Shahi is also up
    384%! NBC had a strong premiere week, click here for the details.

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  • Dryope has posted a bunch of great, new hi-res still photos from Life featuring Damian Lewis! (After you click on the thumbnail images to enlarge the picture, click again to see a much larger image. Also, move you mouse over the photos to discover which episode each picture is taken from.) As always, a big thank you to Dryope! 😀
  • Rilokilee has posted a rather shaky video clip on YouTube that shows Life being filmed on the streets of Los Angeles; the clip provides a few brief glimpses of Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi. Also on YouTube Elu5iveFate has posted the “drug bust shower shower” scene from the pilot episode for Life.
  • In Canada Life airs on Global TV at 10pm on Wednesdays – the same schedule as NBC’s broadcasts in the US.

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  • New photos have been added to the Warehouse Gallery! ➡

    » Click here for images of Damian Lewis at the premiere party for his new NBC show Life. The party was at the Celadon in Los Angeles on September 26, 2007. Some of the others pictured include cast members Brooke Langton, Sarah Shahi, Robin Weigert, Brent Sexton and Adam Arkin; also executive producers Rand Ravich and Far Shariat and NBC/Universal Television President Katherine Pope.

    » Click here for photos of Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory at the Smythson store opening also in Los Angeles on September 26th.

    » Click here for fantastic new still photographs of Damian Lewis from NBC’s official site for Life.

  • Thanks to Sue from South Australia for this scan of a new review for the October 3rd Australian premiere of Life (immediately following House on Ten.)
  • The Telegraph has a highly entertaining new interview with Helen McCrory discussing her career, her marriage to Damian Lewis, parenthood, her portrayal of Cherie Blair in The Queen, and her starring role in a modern production of Frankenstein that will air in the UK on ITV1 in October. Click here for a video clip of ITV’s upcoming fall dramas including a few brief glimpses of Helen in Frankenstein.

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  • Keep checking the official site for Life starring Damian Lewis because NBC continues to add new features and content daily; including new photos, opportunities to rate and comment about the show, as well as (still unpopulated) pages for “Music” and “News”!
  • NBC has started to run new promotional ads for Life as the “critically acclaimed surprise hit of the season” (but why is anyone surprised, after all the star of the show is Damian Lewis!)
  • Click here for a press release from Ten (the Australian television network) about Life’s impressive US opening night ratings and the Australian premiere on October 3rd.
  • Click here and here to read what the viewers are saying about Life.