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  • BBC Radio is currently running a promotional clip for this Saturday’s broadcast of Insignificance starring Damian Lewis. Click here and scroll to the link marked “0730 – 0800” to hear the promo at approximately 45 seconds into the segment. The play sounds very interesting but Damian’s voice is not featured in the promo; his character is an American baseball player based on Marilyn Monroe’s famous husband Joe DiMaggio. Click here for a video clip of Joe DiMaggio on YouTube. Thanks to Ann for the links and to 6point7 for transcribing this article about the program from the current issue of Radio Times:

    “It’s 1953 and in a New York hotel room four archetypal characters are exploring love, life and the universe. If they sound familiar then that’s because they are meant to. Allan Corduer’s professor bears a remarkable resemblance to Albert Einstein; John Guerrasio’s senator is a Joe McCarthy clone; and Damian Lewis’s intellectually stunted ballplayer is a dead ringer for Joe DiMaggio. But it is Megan Dodds as the beautiful, breathless but ultimately doomed actress – yes, of course, it’s Marilyn Monroe – who delivers the intellectual as well as the emotional punches in this spellbinding, thought provoking psychological drama.”

  • In an interview with the Daily Mail actress Kristin Scott Thomas expressed disappointment that her 2004 film Chromophobia co-starring Damian Lewis has never been released in the UK; click here to read the article.

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  • Keane, the brilliant and acclaimed Lodge Kerrigan film starring Damian Lewis, has been acquired by HBO Latin America (broadcast dates and regions are still unknown.)
  • The trailer for Stormbreaker featuring Damian Lewis has won the Golden Trailer Award for Best Foreign Action Trailer.

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  • Currahee!, Dryope‘s wonderful Band of Brothers gallery, will be closing its doors within the end of the week. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to save but haven’t had the time – do so soon!
  • Gareth Lewis’s short film Normal for Norfolk (produced by Damian
    Lewis and Adrian Sturges for Picture Farm and featuring Helen McCrory)
    is the Myspace Pick of the Week! Click here to watch the film online.
  • Click here for another article on how the British are invading US living rooms. It also mentions that Life is likely to be picked up by one of the UK channels there.
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  • Thanks to Jen for updating us about upcoming Damian Lewis programs on Australian TV including: Friends and Crocodiles and Brides on Showtime in June; Colditz on Hallmark in June and July; Keane on World Movies in June; and An Unfinished Life on Movie One in June. Check the Schedule for more information about upcoming Damian Lewis performances around the world and contact Selene with information about Damian Lewis events in your area.
  • The 12 semifinalists in the
    MyMovie MashUp competition have been announced and unfortunately Gareth Lewis’s short film Normal for Norfolk was not selected. This smart and funny movie was produced by Damian Lewis and features Helen McCrory. The film is currently available for viewing online.