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  • Happy Valentines Day!

    Valentines is the perfect day to download and view Damian Lewis’s wonderful dramatization of Andrew Marvell’s romantic poem To a Coy Mistress from the BBC’s beautiful program Essential Poems to Fall In Love With.

    Damian also performs two other poems in the program – Edward Thomas’s heart-wrenching Go Now and Rupert Brook’s vicious poem
    Jealousy. Click here to view screencaps of Damian from the show.

  • Click here at the Multimedia section (and scroll to the bottom) for a brief but fantastic video clip of Damian and Helen on the red carpet at the BAFTA awards. Many thanks to Joyce (dazzlestar) for the clip! Click here for screencaps of that clip and here for screencaps of Damian presenting the award.
  • IMDb has published a page for Damian’s new film The Escapist written and directed by Rupert Wyatt and currently in-production. Cast members are not yet listed on IMDb but the site does indicate the movie will be distributed in the UK by Vertigo Films. Click here for a photo of Steven Mackintosh and Damian Lewis on location in Dublin for the film.

  • Last weekend’s edition of Ebert and Roeper At The Movies can now be viewed online. The program included reviews of The Situation by Richard Roeper (thumbs up) and Lisa Schwarzbaum (thumbs down) with praise for the work of Damian Lewis from both critics. Click here to access the site; after the introduction click on the In Theaters tab and then scroll down to select The Situation. The comments about Damian Lewis come at the end of the segment.

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  • Last August Damian Lewis appeared in Brent for the opening of the Brilliant Kids Café and Arts Centre on Station Terrace in Kensal Rise; a charitable organization that supports creativity in children. Click here for a photo of Damian at the opening ceremony.
  • Click here (and scroll to the bottom) to download and view a videoclip – kindly provided by Jess from Sienna Online – of Damian Lewis presenting at the BAFTA awards.
  • Band of Brothers will air in the UK on HBO On-Demand. C21 reports that HBO is making its first entry into the UK market; launching an HBO-branded subscription video-on-demand (SVoD) service offering at least 50 hours of premium programming including hits such as Band of Brothers.
  • The archives of the NewsPusher site contain video interviews with Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory at the 2007 BAFTA Awards and the 2006 BIFA Awards but so far none of the fans have been able to access these videos. Please contact the moderators if you are able to view the clips.
  • Click here for Much Ado About Nothing icons created by Kirsten.

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  • More great photos of Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory at last night’s BAFTA awards ceremony are now available at the Warehouse (and thanks to Dryope for sharing some of the best quality photos!) The BAFTA awards will rebroadcast on BBC America at 3PM (ET) on February 13th.
  • Selene has discovered the first on-set photos from Damian’s new film The Escapist! Unfortunately they are not the best pictures of Damian – he is shown talking with Steven Mackintosh and his face isn’t visible in most of the images – but the view is still great! Click here to enjoy them!

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  • Happy Birthday to Damian Lewis!
    Damian turns 36 years old today (how does he manage to get even better looking every year!?)
  • Damian Lewis and Joely Richardson presented the Best Cinematography Award to Emmanuel Lubezki (Children of Men) at tonight’s BAFTA awards. Damian looked fantastic and he was accompanied by Helen McCrory who looked fabulous in a beautiful white gown; click here to view all of Damian’s BAFTA pictures.
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  • Click here to view photos of Damian Lewis and Best Actress Eva Birthistle at yesterday’s Irish Film and Television Awards (and thanks to Debbie for spotting the pictures!)
  • Ann reported that The Situation was reviewed by Richard Roeper and Entertainment Weekly’s Lisa Schwarzbaum on this week’s Ebert and Roeper At the Movies; the reviews were mixed but Richard Roeper gave it a “thumbs up” and concluded the segment by commenting: “Also, I think good work from Damian Lewis, who I think is always an interesting actor.” Lisa Schwarzbaum agreed saying, “Yes, it’s always great to see him.”

    Check for your broadcasts of the program here (the show will also be available online at the same site early next week.)

  • This viewer’s comments about Damian Lewis’s performance in Keane include: “Keane is played by Damian Lewis, and the performance is nothing short of incredible. This is a particularly challenging role, and director Lodge Kerrigan gives Lewis nowhere to hide, fixing the camera on his face for roughly two-thirds of the movie. Lewis’ ability to exude anguish makes Keane’s suffering palpable to the audience, but when he has his more tender moments with Kira, we can let ourselves believe that he had a daughter, so at ease are his interactions with the young girl. How this performance was not recognised on a wider scale is beyond me…” (No kidding! It’s beyond all of us, well said!)