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sami   Jan 24, 2016   Billions

see a new teaser with more Bobby action:-)


sami   Jan 22, 2016   Billions

We hope you enjoyed the fabulous start of Billions!

Read her synopsis for the next episode:

BILLIONS – Episode 102 – Naming Rights
Premiere Date: January 24, 2016
Written by Brian Koppelman and David Levien
Directed by Neil Burger

Axe installs rigorous compliance measures to gird the company against the investigation by Chuck and the US Attorney’s office. When Wendy questions Axe’s methods, he compels her to prove her loyalty to the firm. Chuck’s investigation is temporarily derailed when he has to divert resources to a case against an Axe rival, billionaire Steven Birch.


Axe’s black bag man and fixer, Hall, develops a mole inside the US Attorney’s office, while Axe makes an aggressive move under the guise of a charitable contribution to the symphony in order to settle an old score.

sami   Jan 21, 2016   Billions

Great news for European fans:)

Sky and CBS have announced a long-term licensing agreement for Sky Atlantic to be the exclusive home to SHOWTIME’s growing portfolio of programming across all its territories in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy.

Previously, Sky has licensed select Showtime content from CBS on a programme by programme basis.

The deal will span all new and future series including Billions, which premiered in the US with the best series debut performance ever for a SHOWTIME original series..

“This is one of the most important content deals Sky has ever agreed, cementing Sky’s position as the market-leader in Europe for world-class drama,” comments Gary Davey, Managing Director, Content, Sky.  “We are enormously proud that Sky will be the exclusive home to new SHOWTIME programmes for many years to come.

sami   Jan 21, 2016   Billions

Read and listen to another great Damian interview….here a few extracts

Damian Lewis had no plans on doing another premium cable drama after his character Nicholas Brody was killed in season three of “Homeland.”

“I figured it might be a way to sort of go out on top because it [‘Homeland’] was such fun and so well regarded and smart,” he said.

But when he read the script for a new pilot written by David Levien and Brian Koppelman, he was hooked.

I suppose in the same way ‘Homeland’ was able to dovetail with hard news, contemporary news, this has the ability to do the same thing- borrow from the headlines or not, but the parallels are there to be drawn and they’re fun to draw as the season goes on.Lewis had just wrapped up filming the first season of “Billions,” which premieres Sunday, January 17. He plays Bobby Axelrod, a successful hedge fund investor who draws the eye of district attorney Chuck Rhoades, played by Paul Giamatti.


He’s a successful, self-made man. He’s a representation of the American dream in many ways. He’s somebody who has started with not much, made an awful lot, and really the defining characteristic in Bobby is his ability to do great and generous things, acts of great magnanimity, but he’s not able to walk away from an opportunity for the upper hand or to use something to his advantage, so we find him often working in that duality.

read and listen to the full interview:

big hugs to fanfunDamian:)

sami   Jan 19, 2016   Billions


A more than amazing start for Billions..

see for yourself…

Showtime’s “Billions” cashed in on Sunday night with 1.4 million total viewers. The new series had already accounted for 1.6 million views prior to its official pay-TV premiere, as the drama debuted earlier across multiple platforms.

“It’s a testament to the timeliness of the subject matter, the power of its stars and the brilliance of the show creators that ‘Billions’ has had such a big start,” David Nevins, president and chief executive of Showtime Networks Inc. said of the combined numbers. “I can’t wait for our subscribers to experience how this season unfolds.”

In summation, the 2.99 million views make the “Billions” series premiere the best performance ever for a Showtime original. It toppled “Ray Donovan,” which combined for 2.91 million viewers between linear premiere night and advance sampling on subscriber platforms in 2013. That said, there’s a big difference between online viewership in the few years between the two, so that record comes with a bit of an asterisk.


Billions Sunday’s 10pm on Showtime!