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Billions Superlatives: Best, Worst, Most from S3E12 Finale – June 11, 2018

Town Scooters, Spanx, and Face Slaps

by Miles Surrey | The Ringer | June 11, 2018

Source: Showtime

Here is the best, worst, and most from the final episode of Season 3

The penultimate Billions episode of this great third season ended with a meteoric mic drop: Taylor was setting up their own firm and leaving Axe Capital. That’s the kind of emphatic moment that could’ve ended the season then and there, but Billions had plenty more strings to pull in the Season 3 finale, “Elmsley Count.” The episode title refers to a sleight-of-hand trick that magicians can use with a stack of cards, so the show wasn’t exactly being subtle: You knew some deceptive shit was about to go down.

“Elmsley Count” lived up to its name—there were several moments when I made involuntary, somewhat inhuman squeals over truly shocking narrative twists, and also because Russian oligarch John Malkovich slapped a dude in the face. I love this show so much. Let’s celebrate it one more time this year and break down the finale superlatives.

Fanciest Car

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Billions Wraps Season with High-Stakes Double Crosses – June 10, 2018

The Dog-Eat-Purebred-Dog World of Billions

by Brian Lowry | CNN | June 10, 2018

Source: Showtime

In the dog-eat-purebred-dog world of “Billions,” the fastest way to flip the script is to engineer a shift in existing alliances. The producers did precisely that in the niftily choreographed third-season finale, setting the stage for a pair of juicy plot lines in the season ahead.
Granted, the surprises couldn’t quite match the operatic highs of last season’s finishing twist, which saw U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti) sell out various people around him — including his own father — in his headlong pursuit of bringing down hedge-fund wizard Bobby “Axe” Axelrod (Damian Lewis).

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Billions Season 3 Awards – June 10, 2018


by Alec Hare | The Breakshot | June 10, 2018

Season 3

Wow. What a season! In Billions Season 3, the plot went left when we thought it would go straight and it went up when we thought it was going to go down. The showrunners pivoting the plot at every turn made this season unpredictable and fun. The season was basically two different seasons as the show resets in the middle. Not to mention in Season 4 we will be getting the return of the big three Chuck, Wendy, and Axe. Enough of that, it’s time to hand out Billions Season 3 Awards!!

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Billions Dining Guide, Season 3 – June 10, 2018

What the Fork?

by Damianista | Fan Fun with Damian Lewis | June 10, 2018

Source: Showtime

It is no secret that one of my favorite things about my favorite show is how it showcases the New York dining scene from hole-in-the-walls and neighborhood gems, to Michelin-starred restaurants. In case you missed previous season Dining Guides, here is the information about restaurants appearing on the show for Season 1 and Season 2. Continue reading Billions Dining Guide, Season 3 – June 10, 2018

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Recappables Podcast: Billions S3E12 Finale – June 10, 2018

The Ringer Staff Discusses the Third Season Finale Over Red Wine and a Foosball Table

by Mallory Rubin, Sean Fennessey and  | The Ringer | June 10, 2018

Source: Showtime

The Ringer’s Mallory Rubin, Sean Fennessey, and Alison Herman get together over a foosball table and some red wine to celebrate the Season 3 finale of ‘Billions.’ They talk about Chuck’s downfall (6:54), the way Connerty and Taylor are becoming their former mentors (19:16), and their predictions for Season 4 (42:59).

Elmsley Count

Source: The Ringer