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sami   Jan 19, 2016   Billions

see a new and extremly promising clip and get to know what is waiting for you this season but never forget..

SPOILERS everywhere but the clip is worth to watch! get yourself into the facinating world of BOBBY AXELROD!


mokulen   Jan 19, 2016   Gallery

Click below for pictures of Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory at Sunday’s 21st Annual Critics’ Choice Awards show.

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sami   Jan 18, 2016   Billions

so many fantastic reviews, brilliant interviews and stunning pictures are out and we tried our best to post a nice selection here the last few weeks….

please click on the Billions tag and see all of them….


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sami   Jan 18, 2016   Billions

Billions received very good reviews and critic’s are sure we having a new hit show here:)

read now a roundup or let’s say a praise for Damian Lewis and his brilliant and to the point perfect performance as Bobby Axelrod!

Damian Lewis, who won Emmy and Golden Globe for his role in Homeland, portrays ruthless hedge fund king Bobby ‘Axe’ Axeford opposite Paul Giamatti in the drama which has received generally positive reviews.One review from Reuters written by financial reporter Jeffrey Goldfarb said Lewis’ performance was top-notch.
“Any banker or portfolio manager will recognize Bobby “Axe” Axelrod, the mega-wealthy investor played by Damian Lewis of “Homeland” fame.
Comparisons to Steve Cohen and his former firm SAC Capital are easy, though there are efforts to make him a composite of various headline-grabbing hedgies.
Lewis is pretty much the best thing going for “Billions,” with a ruthless but cool demeanor that steals nearly every scene he is in.”
 “You can’t take your eyes off of Damian Lewis”
“Damian Lewis gives one of the best performances of his career”
“Damian Lewis performance is perfect”
sami   Jan 18, 2016   Billions

and more praise and details about Bobby Axelrod and brilliant actor behind the character:)

In Billions — which hopes to comfort your loss of The Affair Sunday nights on Showtime — Damian Lewis stars as Bobby Axelrod, a hedge-fund billionaire who favors tight T-shirts as formal wear and likes Metallica cranked up to 11. His nemesis in life is Paul Giamatti’s United States Attorney Chuck Rhodes, who loathes Axelrod’s contempt for the rules and slippery business practices. In the first hour, these two are set up on a collision course to go head-to-head, with mutually assured destruction always a possibility.

Billions, created by Brian Koppelman, David Levien, and financial journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin, is set up to be a high-quality, insider look at insider trading, with the promise that we’ll see a greedy egomaniac brought low. But to its credit, the show complicates things nicely. For every macho-creep thing done by Axe — that’s what everyone who really knows Axelrod calls him — he’s also shown to be a frequently generous guy, loyal to old friends and an active participant in a solid marriage to Malin Akerman’s Lara. When you combine this with Lewis’s excellent performance, at once steely, warm, and tart, Axe becomes an engaging figure.

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