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Press Archive

October 2008
by Alison Prato

Damian Lewis – Life

Age: 37

TV alter ego: Charlie Crews, the wrongfully convicted police officer on Life

The grind: “We work 16-hour days, which are exhausting. You have to be prepared or else you’re thrashing around to keep your head above water. It’s harder than it looks, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Just another day at the office: “We did a scene where the U.S. silver medal sumo champion grabbed me by my shoulders and pushed me repeatedly against the side of this motor home. I thought I was going to lose my brain. Rarely am I physically afraid of someone, but I was absolutely terrified.”

Worst gig pre-Hollywood: “The shittiest job I had was selling car alarms. I wasn’t going around looking at people’s swanky cars saying, ‘I think you could use the UP3Z-40.’ I was cold-calling them on the phone. I’d get off the subway everyday carrying my Walkman, which was the size of a brick, and I’d always hear the same song. Unfortunately, Phil Collins and the worst song he ever wrote, ‘Another Day in Paradise,’ are forever connected with me selling car alarms. Phil put me in such a bad mood I was unable to charm the customers. It drove me fucking insane.”