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I Spy A Spy in ‘A Spy Among Friends’

Mano o Mano

by J.P Devine | Morning Sentinel | March 30, 2023

I remember this story because I’m old. If you’re older than 60, you will as well, but at the time, here in America, you probably didn’t care. It was 1963, and the assassination of JFK was enough to deal with, and no one here even knew the rest of the world existed or cared.

But when this story “A Spy Among Friends,” taken from the book by Ben Macintyre, finally found space to let us think about it, we learned that MI6 (British CIA) and the notorious Kim Philby (Guy Pearce, “The Road”) had been a double agent for the Russians since his college years.

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The 20 Best TV Shows Based on Books

Wolf Hall: A Marvel of Elegance and Emotion

by Staff | TVLine | March 30, 2023

What do these titles all have in common other than being highly-rated, successful shows? They and many more shows were adapted from bestselling novels within the last decade. Whether you love them or hate them, book-to-TV adaptations are here to stay. The TVLine team felt it was perfect to conjure up a list of the top TV programs based on books. We have rounded up 20 of the best shows from the last decade that were adapted from books:

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Damian Lewis Tweets Picture Outside Music Studio

Amps and Mics

by Damian Lewis | Twitter | March 22, 2023

L to R: Joe Webb, Will Sach, Billy Adamson and Giacomo Smith. Photo Credit: Damian Lewis

Damian tweeted out this photo with the caption, “Now that’s a band.” And from his Instagram account he shared, “Meet the band.” The photo was taken just outside of Creation Studios, a music studio and luthier located in the heart of Camden, London on Kentish Town Road and Royal College Street. We’re guessing they were either renting some rehearsal space or laying down some tracks for Damian’s upcoming debut album set to be released this summer. Can’t wait!

For more information about Creation Studios, visit their website here.

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A Spy Among Friends Receives BAFTA TV Nomination

Best Mini-Series

by Gingersnap | | March 22, 2023

A Spy Among Friends has been nominated for a BAFTA TV Award as one of the very best TV mini-series of 2022.  Other contenders in the same category are Mood, The Thief and This is Going to Hurt, which has received 6 nominations. The British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards will be hosted by Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan and will take place on Sunday, May 14, 2023, and will be broadcast on BBC One and iPlayer at 7:00 p.m. The Awards are the biggest celebration of excellence across British and international television production and broadcasting. Congratulations to actors Guy Pearce, Anna Maxwell Martin and Stephen Kunken, Director Nick Murphy, Alexander Cary who created the series for television based off of Ben Macintyre’s book, and last but not least, Damian who served dual roles on the project: actor and executive producer through his Ginger Biscuit Entertainment.

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Damian Lewis Spotted in London

Music Man

by Gingersnap | | March 19, 2023

Our music man Damian was spotted on the streets of London sporting headphones around his neck and took the time to pose for a photo with fan Edidem. We know our guy well enough to surmise he more than likely said something funny to make Edidem laugh like that! 🙂

View more photos in our Gallery here

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Here’s What Influenced Guy Pearce and Damian Lewis’ Performances In ‘A Spy Among Friends’

Lewis and Pearce Make For a Formidable Pairing

by Simon Thompson | Forbes | March 15, 2023

There is a simple explanation for why the story of Kim Philby, a British intelligence agent spying for the Russians, might seem familiar. The fascinating real-life tale has been the inspirational jumping-off point for countless characters in the genre, from books to movies.

In A Spy Among Friends, a limited series streaming on MGM+, Philby, played by Guy Pearce, takes center stage in his own right. Damian Lewis plays Nicholas Elliott, his friend and the man given the job of bringing the double agent to justice. It’s based on the Ben Macintyre’s New York Times NYT best-selling book.

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A Spy Among Friends: Damian Lewis and Guy Pearce on Playing Secret Agents

Duplicitous Characters

by Maggie Boccella | Collider | March 15, 2023

Imagine finding out your best friend of nearly thirty years had completely betrayed you and everyone else they loved, for the entirety of your friendship. That’s the concept behind MGM+’s newest thriller series, A Spy Among Friends, except the tensions are racketed to an all-time high: not only are Nicholas Elliott (Damian Lewis) and Kim Philby (Guy Pearce) friends, but also intelligence officers for the UK’s MI6, and Philby is one of the most notorious double agents in history, supplying information to the KGB.

A Spy Among Friends follows the two men in the aftermath of Philby being found out, and subsequently pursued, by British intelligence in the 1960s, flipping back and forth between the beginnings of Philby and Elliott’s friendship and the present, where Elliott is being questioned about his attempts to bring Philby into custody in Beirut, where he escaped and eventually defected to the Soviet Union. The truth is twisted and obscured as the series follows the two men throughout their lives, questioning just how much we can really trust those we hold dear.

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