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Who Will Be The New Ralph Fiennes, The Next Hugh Grant? – Jan 1, 1995

Who Will Be The New Ralph Fiennes, The Next Hugh Grant?

By Matt Wolf – New York Times – January 1, 1995

LONDON— NOT LONG AGO, DANIEL Day Lewis and Kenneth Branagh were the British names on everyone’s lips when it came to actors; more recently, Hugh Grant and Ralph Fiennes have dominated Hollywood’s imagination. Which raises the inevitable question: Who among current British actors are poised to become the next Hugh Grant and the next Ralph Fiennes?

Luckily for England, a country of waning industries, stage actors are a renewable resource. There are dozens of promising actors, including the Shakespearean leading man Toby Stephens; the rangy, contemporary Ben Daniels; and the classically skilled yet hip Jude Law. But among the dozens of rising actors who have appeared in London’s big subsidized theaters or on the West End, five stand out in the roles they have landed and the critical attention they have received.

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