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Damian Lewis: It’s a wrap, The Guardian, March 3, 2006

It’s a wrap

Actor Damian Lewis has shone on screen – but can he take centre stage in this season’s patterned shirts? Hadley Freeman asks him.
by Hadley Freeman, The Guardian, March 3, 2006

Lewis, 34, is one of Britain’s hardest working and highest profile actors. He is fitting in this shoot between international promotional tours for Stephen Poliakoff’s television drama Friends And Crocodiles, acting in the Ibsen play Pillars Of The Community at the National Theatre, and preparations for producing his first feature film.

Since being nominated for a Golden Globe for his role in Band Of Brothers, he has played an impressively diverse range of characters, including Soames in The Forsyte Saga, Jeffrey Archer in Jeffrey Archer: The Truth, and Benedick in the BBC’s modern adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing. But he is probably most recognisable for the fiery patch of splendid ginger hair, an attribute that increasingly dictates his wardrobe as he gets older: “I used not to care at all and wear pinks and greens, and that’s so clichéd – red hair, green clothes. Now I tend to stick with dark colours,” he says, plucking at his dark blue Gucci (“but understated!”) shirt.

He arrived at the studio in east London just half an hour earlier, eyes pinched from interrupted sleep, clutching a large coffee. He wasn’t particularly cheerful – a diatribe against a certain airline he recently had the misfortune to fly is most compelling – but cheers up as soon as the stylist takes him over to the rails of clothes, and he eagerly but critically starts rifling through. He looks a little nervous at the patterned shirts (“Richard James, what were you thinking!”) but sighs contentedly over the Armani suits.