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  • Baby pics! Click here to see photos of the Lewis family – Damian, Helen, and adorable, little Manon! Thanks to
    dryope for the beautiful photos!
  • Click here to listen to Damian Lewis and Nina Wadia perform in a short radio play written by 11-year old Promi Chowdhury for the Scene and Heard theatre company. This charitable organization pairs inner city children with actors to encourage youthful creativity. In this article Damian is quoted as saying that he was “blown away by the talent of a group of youngsters in Somers Town… It gives the children a chance to express themselves away from the streets… All the plays come directly from the children’s imagination so there are no limits to what they conjure up.”
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Damian Lewis’s new film The Situation will open in art house cinemas in the US in February.
  • Hal4king posted comments about the Keane screenings at BAFTA headquarters on Sunday. Damian Lewis participated in Q&A sessions after both screenings and made himself available to speak with members of the public. According to Damian’s associate
    Melissa “Damian loves to spend time with any fans that make the effort to come and see his performances or indeed stop to have a chat in the street.”

  • The region 2 Chromophobia DVD is now available for pre-order from
  • It was a tight race but Damian came in a close second to Rufus Sewell in the recent Hello! poll, thanks to everyone who voted. Here’s another chance to show your admiration for Damian!