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  • According to E!’s Watch with Kristin, Life has received orders for 3 additional scripts but notes it has yet to “receive the full “back nine” order that would make a full season.” Thanks to Life Media!
  • Other Life notes: Episode 2 (Tear Asunder) will rebroadcast on NBC this Saturday, Oct. 13 starting at 08:00 pm Eastern; has updated their site with detailed episode recaps.
  • More Life related press: The Post Online enjoys the “great chemistry among the cast”; the Detroit Free Press likes Damian’s
    “wack charisma”; North County Times also has a review of the show.

  • Life related communities are sprouting up everywhere! If you’ve haven’t been by, check out these livejournal communities: lifetv and life_icons. saiyajenn and zed_pm have recently posted really gorgeous Damian and Life related icons here and here; Life Forums is another new community.
  • We’re having some technical problems with the gallery, so we haven’t been able to post Life screencaps just yet. But as mentioned already, you can get them at Life Media; dj at dj_capslock also offers a set for download in zip form typically the day following a broadcast.
  • The blog Phoenix Cinema has a positive review of Damian’s 2005 BBC film Friends and Crocodiles. The film’s available in the US, if you’ve yet to see it, move it towards the top of your list!