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  • Great new pictures of Damian Lewis! Check them out at the Gallery and enjoy!
  • More strong reviews for Damian Lewis’s new film The Escapist directed by Rupert Wyatt:

    Sundance critic Alex Billington gives the film 9 stars (out of 10) and says “I was completely blown away by The Escapist, in all aspects, and I’m still recovering from how amazing it was. … Great editing combined with an incredibly rich visual style, a riveting and inspiring story, one of the best scores I’ve heard in ages, and uncanny performances have resulted in my new favorite escape movie. The Escapist is a bold, energetic, intense, and inspiring film that surprised and impressed me more than almost any film at Sundance.”

    (Spoilers!) A viewer shared his opinions about The Escapist with Ain’t It Cool News including this comment: “the various characters are interesting, especially the prison kingpin Rizza (Damian Lewis)”

  • Click on the links below to read comments and reviews about Damian Lewis performances as Soames Forsyte, Charlie Crews, and Richard Winters.

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