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  • Life, the NBC series starring Damian Lewis, continues to generate excitement and gain new fans even though the show is on hiatus and no new episodes will air in the US until next fall.

    » All season one episodes of Life are now available on the NBC/Universal site as well as at’s Rewind page.

    » An article about the impact of the screenwriters strike in USA Today includes these comments about Life:

    The break sparked changes. “The strike made us rethink some of where we were going,” says Life executive producer Rand Ravich, who will expand the conspiracy behind the framing of Charlie (Damian Lewis)… But the delay leaves some anxious. “We were just building momentum with the audience, and we feel like that’s being snatched away from us,” says NBC Studios chief Katherine Pope of Life. “It was frustrating that we couldn’t capitalize.”

    » Click here to enjoy a terrific new music video for Life from Maya Tawi.

    » Click here and here to read comments about Life from the blogosphere!

  • A preview-screening of The Escapist featuring Damian Lewis took place in London last night; this blogger’s coments about the film include:

    “…I was literally on the edge of my seat. With most scenes played out within the dingy walls of an ageing London prison, or in the abandoned tunnels of the Underground, it’s a dark film, but a great one. I wouldn’t agree with it’s IMDb genre rating of a ‘Thriller’ but it’s definitely not for the faint hearted. And with a nice little twist at the end, it’s one to watch out for…”