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  • All over the internet fans of Life starring Damian Lewis are expressing great happiness because new episodes of Life will begin airing in the US in September and also great unhappiness at the show’s new weeknight and timeslot – Friday nights at 10 pm ET – because Friday night is NOT a strong television viewing night. Click on the links below for some examples of the articles and comments about NBC’s new schedule:
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  • Starting April 8th Life will begin airing in India on StarWorld.
  • Click here to access the new “Re-watch and Discussion” page for “Fill It Up” (episode 11 of Life) on the Personal Pineapple livejournal site.
  • Contact fabglory if you plan to attend the US premiere of The Baker at the RiverRun International Film Festival in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and would like to connect with other Damian Lewis fans also attending the festival.