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  • Attractive couple Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory are both well-known, not only for their exceptional abilities as actors, but also for their excellent taste and fashion style. In this interesting new Times article Helen shares her opinions about fashion.

    To discover Damian’s views on fashion check out this hilarious Guardian feature from March 4, 2006 (scans of the article with pictures can be accessed here at the Warehouse.)

  • A report in Digital Spy indicates that season one of Life starring Damian Lewis will broadcast this summer in the UK on ITV3 and will then air on FX and FXHD starting next January.
  • Our own Keri asked Kristin at E! Online for an update on Life and got this response:

    I can tell you that the Reese-Crews relationship will not be getting any romantic complications in the immediate future, but the door does remain open to that possibility. Show runner Rand Ravich told me: “They’re like any good working relationship—it will change as stresses are put on it from outside and inside, and if they do come closer together physically, it will be because circumstances have changed, and they will have to react to that. As for now, I think we’ve found a really good place for them to be, and they are a place of safety for each other. I think we’ll stay here for a while.”

  • Billboard and Variety report that Coldplay’s new album Viva La Vida will be released in the UK on June 16th and in the US on June 17th. The album includes (as a hidden track) “The Escapist” – a tune written for and featured in the film The Escapist with Damian Lewis.
  • The trailer for The Escapist is now available on YouTube; click here for links (provided by Selene) to download the trailer in various file sizes and formats.
  • Click here to enjoy a picspam of Damian Lewis and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau dueling to the death (not really!) in The Baker. 😀