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  • Damian Lewis fans are voting for their fav in the Hello! Most Attractive Man of the Month competition! The contest will run until the end of May and you can vote at 15 minute intervals.

  • All over the Internet fans are talking about the work of Damian Lewis!

    » These fan-created opening credits for Life from DonnieIsSerious have been viewed greater than 6,000 times on YouTube!

    » Anna K’s comments about Life include: “Charlie Crews may be my favorite character ever put
    on television…I really need season 2 to start, because there’s only so many times I can watch the 11 episodes that exist.” 😉

    » Click here for Delgaserasca’s picspam of the “Top 5 Moments” from Life.

    » Grimorie shared her thoughts about The Baker saying: “I love how very British it was, it was like watching a British version of Grosse Point Blank but with its own quirks…I’m glad I set aside time to watch this.”

    » This Blogger’s review of Chromophobia states:

    “Writer-director Martha Fiennes throws up a rich portrait of supremely successfully, but deceitful and narcissistic Londoners in her second feature film, CHROMOPHOBIA. Their vices vary from a sort of desperate, void-filling materialism to sexual exploitation of the worst kind. Perhaps their most over-riding flaw is their self-deception. No-one really thinks they’re a bad person, do they? Their world of material ease but self-inflicted paranoia is exposed when a tabloid journalist (Ben Chaplin) exploits a drunken indiscretion by one of his best friends (Damian Lewis.) Well, it’s a savage world.”

    » And Mindy has been busy suggesting a new role for Damian Lewis!

  • IMDb is now offering videoclips for films and actors.