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  • Update on The Escapist!

    » Damian Lewis’s Picture Farm business partner Adrian Sturges is producing a special “interview event” for BAFTA that is tied to The Escapist. The event is titled “A Life in Pictures – Brian Cox” and will take place on June 9th at the Princess Anne Theatre at 195 Piccadilly in London. The event will open with a champagne reception and director Rupert Wyatt will attend along with cast members Steven Macintosh and Dominic Cooper. The event is primarily for BAFTA members but a small supply of tickets are available for purchase.

    » Click here for information about a chance to win free tickets to a special screening of The Escapist in London on June 15th, courtesy of the film’s producers and targeted toward Coldplay fans through Coldplay Dot Com.
    Coldplay’s upcoming album Viva La Vida includes a track titled “Death and All His Friends/ The Escapist” which is featured in the film.

  • Life news!

    » NBC’s official press release for the September 2nd release of the region 1 Life: Season One DVD provides more information about the DVD’s extra features including:

    LIFE BEGINS — A look at the show’s characters, main plot points, and
    FRUITS OF LIFE — A lighthearted look at Det. Crews’ eating habits.
    LIFE IN ACTION SLIDESHOW — Features choice action stills from the season.
    FALLEN WOMEN SLIDESHOW — Features stills from the fallen women stunt.
    CLOSE TO MINTY SLIDESHOW — Features stills from our main characters taco break.
    LIFE’S QUESTIONS ANSWERED — A discussion of the 2-part season finale, and the conspiracy in the show.

    » On location photos for the filming of Life have been posted by Graham Hancock. These pictures were taken on Hollywood Boulvard and feature Damian Lewis’s “stand in” but not the man himself!

    » The Los Angeles Times reports that NBC’s non-traditional “Upfront” has earned “$1.9 billion in advance prime-time advertising sales for the fall season” – let’s just hope they use some of that money to promote Life and Damian Lewis’s portrayal of Charlie Crews!

    » This LA Times article lists Damian Lewis as a “possible” candidate for an Emmy nomination.

  • Canada’s History Channel will air a Band of Brothers marathon on June 8th and 9th; click here for more information.