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  • Spoiler warning! Click here to read the casting sides for episode 2.09 of Life titled “Badge Bunny” (and thanks to Grimorie for the sides!) Click here to access the casting sides for additional season 2 episodes.

  • More Life spoilers! Spoiler TV posted this news from Kristin Dos Santos at E! Online:

    Kerry in Santa Monica, Calif.: “Anything we should know about Life? Thanks!”

    “Well, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so floss every day and take your vitamins. Also, on the off chance you’re talking about the show Life, remember that young girl Rachel Crews has been searching for? She’s going to pop up in the premiere, leaving Dani Reese’s bad dad Jack Reese in a terrible position. In fact, Reese is going to have some people putting some serious pressure on him. Oh, and Dani also is going to discover that someone at the station has a crush on her.”

  • Variety carried a story about the challenges the returning sophomore shows will face this season in the aftermath of the writers strike. The article included these comments about Life:

    “It’s a very fine line,” says Katherine Pope, president of Universal Media Studios, which produces second-year skein “Life” for NBC. “The expression I use is that a 747 can’t make a sharp right turn. You don’t want to alienate the viewers you have. Although the show was ratings-challenged, the people who watch the show absolutely love it.

    “We really need to keep those viewers while inviting new ones. Knowing the strike was looming, we did a final two-parter and resolved a key mystery.”

    Pope says “Life” exec producer Rand Ravich plans to focus more on procedural police cases early this season and shift a bit more to the serialized focus on Damian Lewis’ false imprisonment saga later on.

  • NBC Universal has created a very brief page for “The Business of Miracles” (episode 2.03 of Life which will air on October 6th in the US.

  • Variety ran this article about the Dinard Film Festival in France that will screen The Escapist in competition in early October.