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  • Damian Lewis is on the cover of today’s issue of the Evening Standard! ➡

    He discusses his portrayal of Charlie Crews and talks about living and working with his family in Los Angeles. This article finally gives a date – October 30th – for the UK premiere of Life – Season 1 on

    Click here to read the complete article in the Warehouse and thanks to Jace for the news, Dotty for the link, Kaz and Melinda for the scans and screen captures, and Selene for the posts; it really was a team effort! 🙂


  • The wonderful caricature above of Reese and Crews (everybody’s favorite crime-busting duo) was created by Michael Alan Harvey and posted at pfunn along with a very interesting review of the show that includes these comments:

      “But the key to the series’ creative success, we are convinced, belongs to its stars. Damian Lewis (”Band of Brothers”) stars as Charlie Crews, bringing many twists to what might otherwise have been just a traditional tough-cop role. While Lewis is a handsome guy, he’s not one of the rugged-though-bland, cookie-cutter Hunks of the Moment that might otherwise have been placed in a starring role on a cop show (as in, oh, say, the new “Knight Rider”). He’s tall and lanky, with radioactive red hair and eyes that can pierce or sparkle, depending on the scene. What makes Charlie Crews most intriguing is that he might just be insane. Lewis understands that, and knows precisely when to evoke that possibility.

      Sarah Shahi (”The L Word”) is Dani Reese, and in another actress’ hands the role might have devolved into another edition of The Thankless Female Partner (Who Just So Happens To Be Incredibly Hot). But Shahi often makes Reese the co-star of “Life,” and not just a supporting role. She evinces a steady mixture of confidence, fear, uncertainty, pain, determination and, at time, even admiration for her partner.”

  • Alex Strachan of CanWest News says of Life starring Damian Lewis: