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  • “Elementary My Dear Stacy” Disney’s Phineas and Ferb episode featuring the voice of Damian Lewis as Agent 00 0 is now available in the US, through September 14th, for On Demand viewing on cable and satellite television sites.

    Subscribers can watch the program at no additional charge under “Disney XD”. The episode is the second half of a “double bill” and starts approximately 10 minutes into the clip following “Day of the Living Gelatin.”

    Comcast On Demand viewers will find “Elementary My Dear Stacy” at:

    Kids > Disney XD > Phineas and Ferb > Living Gelatin / Elementary

  • This ITV Press Release confirms the date and time for the UK season 2 premiere of Life, starring Damian Lewis, as Wednesday, June 3, 2009 at 10:00pm on ITV3. Thanks to Dotty for the link!

  • The Situation with Damian Lewis will air in the US during June on the Sundance Channel on:

    Friday June 5 at 3:30am
    Sunday June 21 at 2pm
    Friday June 26 at 1pm