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Don’t miss Damian Lewis in GQ’s November issue!

Damian Lewis—Nick Brody on Showtime’s Homeland—has played so many Yanks that “at this point, I don’t know what accent will come out when I order coffee in the morning.” The accent this a.m. is British, because that’s what he is, but you’d be forgiven for not knowing, since he’s so good at playing classically coiled, laconic American men (see also HBO’s Band of Brothers). So good, in fact, that it’s startling—even anticlimactic—to find that Lewis is a bit of a goofball. “I know it looks like I’m thinking deep thoughts on the show,” he says, “but I’m probably just trying to remember my next line.” Whatever he’s actually doing, as Brody—a U.S. Marine turned terrorist mole/congressman—he has made one of TV’s most fascinatingly fucked-up men both credible and sympathetic. “He’s a lot of fun to play,” says Lewis, who just won an Emmy for the role, “because he behaves badly in extremis.” Think Breaking Bad’s Walter White, only with hair, abs, and hotter sex. (It helps when Claire Danes and the jaw-dropping Morena Baccarin are the bedmates.) Come to think of it, Lewis’s greatest feat might be his simplest: bringing sexy gingers back.