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‘Billions’ of Recognition at the Critics Choice Nominations – Dec 6, 2017

Billions of Recognition at the Critics Choice Nominations 

by Gingersnap – – December 6, 2017

Source: Showtime

It seems every project Damian touches or is a part of turns to gold…or should I say, billions?  Whether he’s receiving recognition for his work individually or collectively, he sure can pick them! And while we love when he’s in the spotlight receiving the recognition he deserves, we also know he is proud of his fellow colleagues who he gets to work with 6 months out of the year on the set of Billions.

Today two of his Billions co-stars were nominated by the Critics Choice Awards – Paul Giamatti for Best Actor in a Drama Series for his portrayal as U.S. District Attorney Chuck Rhoades – and Asia Kate Dillon for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for their portrayal as Taylor Mason, the whip-smart hedge fund intern of Damian’s ‘Bobby Axelrod’ on the show.

Source: Showtime

Asia spoke of their work with Damian on Billions back in June of this year at the Split Screens Festival. How does it feel to work with Damian Lewis? Fan Fun with Damian Lewis writes:

“I was not rattled. He is so generous and considerate and kind and compassionate and down to earth.”

Asia says Damian has the ability to totally engage with you but then when they say “roll” he just snaps into it, feeling and reacting truthfully to the moment in the imaginary circumstances of the world. Having a partner as generous as Damian makes the experience extraordinary, they say, because they can only be as good as their screen partner allows them to be.

“Because Damian has such an ability to listen and react truthfully in the moment, I’m able to be totally absorbed in that world and that is a great joy.”

So it comes as no surprise Asia is nominated for Best Supporting Actor when they work with the likes of Damian Lewis!

Back in June Damian tweeted support of his co-worker Asia:

And what is it like when Damian and Paul Giamatti work together on the Billions set?  The LA Times writes:

The lanky Brit and the bearded New Englander are a textbook example of getting on like a house on fire.

“We get on far too well,” says Lewis, seated next to Giamatti. “It’s a miracle the scenes work at all.”

Source: Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times

Prior to Billions, Damian and Paul had worked together in Romeo and Juliet. Here recently Paul has suggested they bring The Odd Couple to the stage, he playing Felix and Damian playing Oscar.  Would love to see that. Your fandom awaits you Damian!

Source: Showtime – Damian Lewis as Bobby Axelrod and Paul Giamatti as Chuck Rhoades

So congratulations goes out to Asia Kate Dillon and Paul Giamatti for their Critics Choice Award nominations and here at, we have no doubt a little sprinkle of that ginger’s talent may have rubbed off a bit. And congratulations goes out to all of the Billions’ cast, crew, writers, creators and show runners.

Roger Friedman said it best when he said,

“For some reason Billions doesn’t get much love from awards groups. It’s one of my all time favorite shows and I know it has a big following. Lewis, Giamatti, Malin Akerman, the show itself, all deserve a lot of awards and nominations.”