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Why Homeland Season 1 is Still The Show’s Best Season – May 5, 2018

The Power of Brody

by Nat Berman I TV Overmind I May 5, 2018

Season 7 of Homeland came to a conclusion at the end of April of 2018. However, there are plenty of reasons to believe that Season 1 of the series remains the best one, which is rather interesting considering how long it has been since it started up.

First and foremost, Season 1 of Homeland was broadcast in a time when its subject matter was still dominated to a significant extent by 24. As a result, it was an interesting contrast in that it was a much more subtle and much more complicated handling of the topic, which enabled it to stand out in its own right. Moreover, Season 1 of Homeland had a clear focus in the form of Nicholas Brody, which served to minimize the narrative clutter that can sometimes clog up complicated stories.

Unfortunately, Homeland stumbled towards the end of Season 1, with the result that Brody managed to survive the season instead of being killed off. For a time, it seemed that the series wasn’t quite sure what it wanted to do with him, with the result that it turned more than a little bit cartoonish for a significant stretch of time. That has since changed, though some people have argued that Homeland might have swung back towards the serious a bit too much, with the result that it has become stale and lifeless. Based on these complaints, it is no exaggeration to say that for a lot of people out there, Season 1 of Homeland was the one that managed to strike a right balance between contrasting extremes, thus making it the best by default.

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