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What Damian Lewis Had to Say When Asked About Touring In Australia

Mission Creep: Down Under

by Karishma Sarkari | 9Honey Celebrity AU | June 16, 2023

Homeland star Damian Lewis celebrated a special day over the weekend – the release of his debut album, Mission Creep. On the day his new record came out, and in between filming his new vampire movie The Radleys, the 52-year-old took to the stage to perform at Black Deer Festival of Americana, held in the UK.

Lewis revealed he grew up going to a number of music festivals in “my young 20s, when I started going with pals” and enjoys now sharing the British summer tradition with his children.

“I’ve been to lots of different festivals and I love it. [I] take my kids to Latitude. There’s glamping ways of doing it and there’s real camping ways of doing it – I won’t tell you which one I prefer but I can say I’ve done both,” he laughed.

The British star added that he’d be thrilled if his new album brought him Down Under, where he says he’ll stay at his A Spy Among Friends co-star’s house.

“Hell, why not? If I’m invited,” Lewis said when asked if he’ll tour Australia.

“Aussie fans, I love you, buy the record, I hope you like it and I’ll come and stay with my friend Guy Pearce when I come down.”

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