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  • Thanks to Linda in Michigan for scans of Damian Lewis’s recent “This Much I Know” interview for the Guardian Observer magazine.

  • Click here for an article about Life – Season 2 on M-Net in South Africa.

  • The Daily Mail has an article about Helen McCrory’s role as Narcissa Malfoy in the Harry Potter films.

  • According to TV Guide, Lodge Kerrigan’s brilliant film Keane starring Damian Lewis will broadcast in the US next month on the Sundance channel:

    » Sun, May 3, 4:15 PM
    » Thu, May 7, 1:00 PM

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  • Congratulations to Kelli from New Jersey on winning the Life-Season One DVD boxset autographed by Damian Lewis! Through April 17th Life fans all over the world can enter to win a large poster featuring the picture above and autographed by Damian; click here for contest details! ➡

  • New high-quality still photos from the April 8th season finale for Life titled “One” (episode 2.21) have been added to the Warehouse. Thanks once again to Dryope for the pics!

  • Thanks also to DJ and Selene for the new screencaps from episode 2.20 titled “Initiative 38” which aired in the US on NBC on April 1st.

  • Tickets are now available for the screening of The Escapist with Damian Lewis at the Independent Film Festival of Boston. The film will run at 8:15 PM on Sunday, Apr 26th at the Somerville 5 theater and actor Brian Cox will attend the screening; click here for more information about the festival.

  • The Escapist is currently running in Los Angeles at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 Theater and it is also available to Video On Demand viewers under “IFC In Theaters;” click here for the Comcast On Demand listing.

  • Click on the links below to read more reviews and praise for The Escapist:
    l 1 l
    2 l
    3 l
    4 l
  • A few graphic updates at livejournal:

    » Click here and here for gorgeous Life icons from oltha-heri and amor_fatii.

  • » Click here and here for episode reactions & picspams of the season finale by grimorie and iamlillykane.

  • Click here on our Audio page to download the short interview with Damian Lewis posted at Hollywood Outbreak last week. Many thanks to Kaz!

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To Damian Lewis Fans All Over the World:

Whether You Observe Easter, or Passover, or Another Seasonal Celebration

Have a Happy Holiday!

  • The Region 1 (US and Canada) DVD for Life: Season Two starring Damian Lewis as Detective Charlie Crews is now available for pre-order! ➡

    Click here to pre-order your copy from and to lock in Amazon’s “price guarantee” to ensure that you receive the lowest price offered at any time prior to release.

    And a high-volume of DVD pre-orders is another opportunity to demonstrate to NBC Universal that the show has many loyal fans!

    No DVD details or release date are given; click here for more information and thanks to Raga Dal for the news!

  • The Latin American AXN Network is asking viewers to vote for a favorite police drama that should not be cancelled. Click here and then click on “Cancelar su voto” to vote for Charlie Crews and Life. Thanks to Mithveaen for the link!

    And keep voting for Life in E! Online’s US and UK “Save a Show” polls.

  • The Escapist with Damian Lewis is currently running in Los Angeles on at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 Theater. The film is also currently available to Video On Demand viewers under “IFC In Theaters;” click here for the Comcast On Demand listing.

    Abbie Bernstein reviewed the film for IF Magazine and said:

    THE ESCAPIST has a thoughtful, almost lyrical feel. This is due in large part to (Brian) Cox, a performer of such authenticity and authority that there’s a visceral kick to just watching him as Frank thinks and regrets. Director Rupert Wyatt and his co-writer Daniel Hardy take an unusual tack for makers of a prison movie – they’re more interested in the internal lives of the characters than in the action… This is essentially a character study wrapped in a prison thriller format…Cunningham, Fiennes and Jorge all make an impression, while Macintosh is the epitome of unreasoning malice. Lewis is convincing as a man who can indeed control others through intimidation, and Cooper is suitably naïve and scared without making us feel that Lacey isn’t up to responding as he does. THE ESCAPIST is intriguing in both its construction and its effect. It’s definitely worth a visit.

  • Gallery updates:

    » Thanks to dj for the screencaps from Life episode 2.19 titled “5 Quarts”

    » Starshine from Enrique Murciano Fan has kindly uploaded screencaps of Damian in NBC’s “Watch Full Episodes of Life Online” promo.

    » Click here and here to view German posters for Life on Vox.

  • Additional questions have been added to the Life’s Questions Game at
  • New on YouTube:

    » vipvictorforever has created a new music video with scenes from Chromophobia and Life Season 1 titled “Damian Lewis Shattered Glass”

    » sandrinedesousa has created a photo pictorial simply titled “Damian Lewis”

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  • The Lewis Family (Damian, Helen McCrory, Manon, and Gulliver) were photographed out walking in Marina Del Rey, California on Thursday, April 2, 2009; click here to read the entry at Celebrity Baby Blog. 😀

  • Listen to Rupert Wyatt, director of The Escapist, discussing the film with Dan Persons on Mighty Movie Podcast.

  • Laemmle Theatres is sponsoring a special $6.00 screening of The Escapist in West Hollywood on April 14th at 7:30 pm (PT); click here for more information.

  • In the Sunday edition of the London Times Stephen Armstrong writes about doing voice-overs for Disney’s hit, animated series Phineas and Ferb; and he talks about the large number of British actors that have contributed to the series, including Damian Lewis.

    If you are in the UK, watch Phineas and Ferb and hear Damian Lewis as Agent 00 0 in “Elementary My Dear Stacy” on the UK Disney Channel on April 12th and 13th at 11:20 am.

  • Listen online to Helen McCrory on BBC Radio 4 in the second and final part of “Something Fresh” by PG Wodehouse.

  • Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker with Damian Lewis will air on HBO2e at the dates and times shown below:

    » HBO2e Wed, Apr 8, 1:30 PM Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker
    » HBO2e Thu, Apr 16, 7:30 AM Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker

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  • Click here at the gallery for HQ stills from episodes 2×20 and 2×21! Many thanks to Dryope!

  • Click here and here for reviews of The Escapist from New York Times and Hollywood Elsewhere.

    The program At The Movies also reviewed the film and highly recommended it. Click here at the official site for information on local broadcast days and times.

    The film is currently playing at the Village East Cinema and will open in LA on April 10th at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 theater and in Portland at the Living Room Theater on May 8th. It is currently available to Video On Demand viewers under “IFC In Theaters; click here for the Comcast On Demand listing.

  • Damian Lewis is featured in The Observer’s This Much I Know.

    I’ve got Wikipedia insight. I used to be able to sit at dinner parties and talk at length about a novel, having just read the jacket in a bookshop. Now it’s like I’ve got the jacket and the inside cover as well, but nothing more.

  • According to this press release Damian Lewis will be part of the upcoming book Inspired, which will feature inspirational stories from both celebrities and the young people supported by the youth charity The Prince’s Trust. The book will include photography from Cambridge Jones and will be released in July 2009. According to the release the launch will be accompanied by bookstore signings and a possible broadcast special. No word if Damian will be part of that.

    Click here at the site for more info on Damian’s involvement with the charity.

  • Click here for part 4 of emiliglia’s Winters/Nixon Picspam. Warning: The commentary is a bit on the “slashy” side. I’m not usually comfortable linking to slash material but she’s even got Winters/ Nixon gifs for crying out loud! 😀
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  • Click above to view the trailer (posted by KateBlake_2000) for “Initiative 38”, episode 2.20 of
    Life that will broadcast in the US this Wednesday, April 1st, at 9pm ET on NBC.

  • Thanks once again to dj for the screencaps from the “3 Women” Life episode 2.18 that aired in the US on March 18, 2009.

  • In this New Jersey Star-Ledger article Alan Sepinwall talks about foreign actors portraying Americans on US television and describes Damian Lewis as one of the “very few foreign imports who can do a convincing American accent while giving an interesting performance.”

  • IFC Films has a new page for the April 2nd US release of The Escapist with Damian Lewis.

  • Blogger Thomas Robinson says of The Escapist:

    “Rupert Wyatt’s debut then is one of those most wonderful of films, defiantly modern without shirking its genre’s classic roots…That the lead is played by supporting actor du jour Brian Cox is the films biggest boon… It’s wonderful to see him excel in a starring role written with him in mind…The supporting cast are also excellent with some nicely against-type casting in the form of Damian Lewis’ soft spoken murderous kingpin…Wyatt is a talent to watch.

  • Michael Sheen and Helen McCrory have again been cast to play British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie Blair; this time for a new film about Blair’s interactions with US President Bill Clinton. The film is called The Special Relationship and Dennis Quaid will play Clinton; click here for more information.

  • Thanks to bashfulbadger for the news that “Deep Waters”, the 1996 Touch of Frost episode that featured a guest appearance by Damian Lewis, is currently running in the UK on ITV1. The first part aired on March 27th and the final episode will broadcast at 4 pm on March 30th.

    “Deep Waters” is available on DVD in the Touch of Frost Season 4 boxset and screencaps from the program are available in the Warehouse.

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  • Win a free DVD of Life – Season One autographed by Damian Lewis!

    Damian Lewis’s LA associate Sharon has graciously provided us with a (Region 1, US and Canada) DVD boxset of Life – Season One autographed by Damian! To win this great item, just name an episode of Life that included a reference to a “rabbit” or a “bunny”! Send an email with your answer along with your mailing address and include “Life DVD Contest” in the subject line.

    The contest is only open to US and Canadian residents and April 8th is the last day to enter.
    Click here for more information and good luck!

  • Click above to view the trailer for Life episode 2.19 titled “5 Quarts” that will air in the US this Wednesday, March 25th on NBC. (Source: kateblake_2000.)

  • Major spoilers! NBC has released the synopsis for the season 2 finale of Life episode 2.21 titled “One”. This episode will broadcast in the US on April 8th on NBC.

  • Thanks to Westie 14500 for sharing photos of Damian Lewis taken at the Northern Rock All-Star Golf Tournament in August 2006. Click here to view more pictures from this event in the Photo Gallery Warehouse.

  • The Escapist with Damian Lewis will screen at the Independent Film Festival of Boston which runs from April 22 – 28, 2009; click here for more information.

  • Damian Lewis is featured in the “Quiz of the Week’s News” from the BBC ! 🙂