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Homeland & Festival update

The Homeland Casting Facebook page posted information on the filming schedule:

We will be starting back on the Showtime series Homeland earlier than originally planned -now mid June. If you worked either of the 2 Welcome Home scenes during the pilot (at neighborhood or airport) you will be working our first week back for reshoots. Once pilot reshoots are completed we will begin filming season 1 and filming thru mid November

Thanks to Sami for the headsup!

Perhaps because of this “earlier than originally planned” filming, it seems Damian Lewis has indeed dropped out of the June 4th Hay Festival event: He is no longer listed on the event page.

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News & new gallery address

  • We received an update from Michael

    concerning Damian’s upcoming projects and it looks like at the moment Damian is attached to film Driven but that they are “still waiting for dates to be confirmed for the filming of HOMELAND. Until all of this is finalised nothing is

    confirmed for any other work.” Homeland producers said earlier this year that Homeland would film from June to October. Given the possible filming dates for Homeland, Michael also says “It does not look like the Hay Festival will be in Damian’s diary either but to date this is TBC (To Be Confirmed).”

  • We’ve changed hosts allowing us to move the gallery to its new home:

    Your username and password should work as before, but if not, please contact us!

    Registrations at the gallery are also open again. My sincerest apologies for taking so long to sort things out!

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Interview with ‘Homeland’ producer

Missed this audio interview with Homeland producer Howard Gordon posted a few days ago at CLT Blog. Here’s the bit about Damian:

CLT Blog: Damian Lewis is playing the lead character that has come back and recovered, is that correct?

Gordon: Exactly.

CLT Blog: It’s kind of interesting because his character in Life he was in

prison for 12 years and kind of had to come back and readjust. There’s a little

similarity. How did Damian Lewis come to be a part of this show?

Gordon: I’d always admired him tremendously and when you think about a returning

American hero you don’t think about British actors at first blush but Damian is

someone who does this impeccable American accent and has kind of oddly enough an

American face, too. What really sold it for us was believe it or not, neither Life or

Band of Brothers, but this amazing movie he did called Keane.


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Another ‘Homeland’ Promo

Showtime posted the picture above on their new ‘Homeland’ page. Thanks to Sami for the headsup!

FYI: The site will be changing servers over the next couple days. My apologies if download links aren’t working and if things are out of whack! We’ll try and get things sorted quickly. (Ha!)