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  • News about The Escapist featuring Damian Lewis:

    » If you’re in the New York City area check out the The Escapist at the Village East Cinema starting April 3rd.

    » If you are not in NYC you can still see The Escapist as a television “video on demand” rental selection.

    » Click on the links below for reviews of The Escapist: l 1 l
    2 l
    3 l
    4 l
    5 l 6 l

  • Update on Life starring Damian Lewis:

    » Fox News reported seeing “Gabrielle Union, Damian Lewis & Sarah Shahi sipping specialty Svedka cocktails at the wrap party for the cast & crew of the second season of NBC’s series, LIFE at Hollywood hotspot Rise on Monday night.” (Thanks to Diane for the head’s up!)

    » The Fox article also includes an interview with Sarah Shahi talking about pregnancy at the recent “TV Guide’s Sexiest Stars soiree.”

    » NBC Universal has posted thumbnail pictures from episode 2.20 “Initiative 38” which aired in the US on April 1st.

    » Aaron Barnhart, television critic for the Kansas City Star, is asking viewers to pick a television show that “deserves another look”; click here to vote for Life! (Thanks to Jen for the news!)

    » PopWatch has a new article about Life co-star Donal Logue and the uncertain future of the show.

    » Click here for a new Life music video by Vip Victor titled “The Fighter”.

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  • Click above to see writer/director Rupert Wyatt’s recent interview with Edward Douglas about his film The Escapist that will be released in the US in New York City on April 3rd and will also be available to video on-demand TV viewers starting April 1st.

  • Rex Reed of the New York Observer gave The Escapist a fantastic review:

    “The Escapist, a compelling, carefully written and totally gripping film from the U.K. that is acted with naturalism and conviction by a smashing cast…It stars the versatile, always astounding Brian Cox as Frank Perry…Frank plans a daring escape with the aid of three other convicts (Joseph Fiennes, Liam Cunningham from the film Hunger, and Brazilian musician Seu Jorge, who are all perfect)…Director Rupert Wyatt, making his feature-film debut, juxtaposes the clandestine eight-day digging and the clandestine rehearsals for the big break with the actual escape itself, mixing up time and action…Mr. Wyatt does it without the usual CGI and high-tech special effects that make these epics look preposterous. Everything in The Escapist looks real for a reason…

    The great thing that emerges from the debris is the human element…For Frank, redemption is triggered by the arrival of a terrified new cell mate named Lacey, played by Dominic Cooper…

    Rizza’s (Damian Lewis’s) sadistic control of the prison population slowly turns into a wedge between the escape artists and their freedom…Ignoring Rizza’s warning (“You got one thing going for you, Frank—you’re too old to die young”), Frank makes a decision that changes the future of his own existence—and the outcome of the escape…

    Physically violent and psychologically probing, The Escapist reminds me more than any other film of the sensational, groundbreaking TV series Oz, but it’s not really an action film…t’s a fine piece of work that passes 102 minutes swiftly, and Rupert Wyatt shows great promise. You won’t feel the need to escape from The Escapist.”

  • Film critic Marshall Fine’s review describes The Escapist as “Taut, full of soul but with no sentimentality” and goes on to say that he:

    “…particularly liked Damian Lewis as the chilly Rizza. Lewis, so entertaining as Det. Charlie Crews on TV’s “Life,” here is the picture of calm menace: no hair out of place, prison uniform immaculately pressed – a man in control until forced to confront the reality of his situation…. ‘The Escapist’ won’t change the world but, for 102 minutes, it will pull you into a world from which you won’t want to escape.”

  • Click above to see a “teaser trailer” for Damian Lewis’s guest appearance as the voice of Agent 00 0 on Phineas and Ferb on the Disney Channel in the UK. “Elementary My Dear Stacy” is the episode featuring Damian and it will air on Monday, April 13th at 11:20am.

  • There is an unconfirmed report that Helen McCrory is part of the voice cast for a new animated film titled the Fantastic Mr. Fox that is scheduled for release on November 6, 2009. George Clooney and Cate Blanchett will play Mr. and Mrs. Fox and other cast members include Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman, and Anjelica Huston. Meryl Streep and Helen’s Harry Potter co-star, Michael Gambon, are also rumored to be in the film.
  • Reminder: Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker featuring Damian Lewis is available in the US on HBO On Demand until April 5, 2009.

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  • In the US only 2 more episodes remain for season 2 of Life starring Damian Lewis; be sure to watch “Initiative 38” on Wednesday, April 1st at 9pm ET on NBC.

  • Update on The Escapist!

    » Above is the flyer for the April 3rd New York City release of The Escapist at the Village East Cinema. The film will open in Los Angeles on April 10th at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 theater and in Portland at the Living Room Theater on May 8th.

    There is a larger version of the flyer in the Warehouse; other fan and film sites should feel free to take a copy of the flyer and use it to spread the word about the US release of this important film (or just send an email to Kathy and ask for a copy of the file.)

    » Starting April 1st The Escapist will also be available to “Video On Demand” viewers under “IFC In Theaters”, click here for the Comcast On Demand listing.

    » Neil Pedley of IFC News wrote of The Escapist:

    “Brian Cox, a titan in the annals of great supporting players, takes surprisingly few lead roles, so when he does choose one you can be sure there’s something to it.”

  • Chromophobia starring Damian Lewis will screen in Moscow on May 3rd at the London In Moscow film festival. Director Martha Fiennes will attend and take part in a discussion with filmmaker Renata Litvinova about “women in modern cinema.” Onegin, Martha’s debut film, will also screen at the festival.

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  • Click above to view the trailer (posted by KateBlake_2000) for “Initiative 38”, episode 2.20 of
    Life that will broadcast in the US this Wednesday, April 1st, at 9pm ET on NBC.

  • Thanks once again to dj for the screencaps from the “3 Women” Life episode 2.18 that aired in the US on March 18, 2009.

  • In this New Jersey Star-Ledger article Alan Sepinwall talks about foreign actors portraying Americans on US television and describes Damian Lewis as one of the “very few foreign imports who can do a convincing American accent while giving an interesting performance.”

  • IFC Films has a new page for the April 2nd US release of The Escapist with Damian Lewis.

  • Blogger Thomas Robinson says of The Escapist:

    “Rupert Wyatt’s debut then is one of those most wonderful of films, defiantly modern without shirking its genre’s classic roots…That the lead is played by supporting actor du jour Brian Cox is the films biggest boon… It’s wonderful to see him excel in a starring role written with him in mind…The supporting cast are also excellent with some nicely against-type casting in the form of Damian Lewis’ soft spoken murderous kingpin…Wyatt is a talent to watch.

  • Michael Sheen and Helen McCrory have again been cast to play British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie Blair; this time for a new film about Blair’s interactions with US President Bill Clinton. The film is called The Special Relationship and Dennis Quaid will play Clinton; click here for more information.

  • Thanks to bashfulbadger for the news that “Deep Waters”, the 1996 Touch of Frost episode that featured a guest appearance by Damian Lewis, is currently running in the UK on ITV1. The first part aired on March 27th and the final episode will broadcast at 4 pm on March 30th.

    “Deep Waters” is available on DVD in the Touch of Frost Season 4 boxset and screencaps from the program are available in the Warehouse.

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  • Spoilers! EW’s Michael Ausiello quotes Life co-star Donal Logue on the future of the show:

    Question: I hear Life won’t renewed for next season. Say it ain’t so, Mike! –Bev O.

    Ausiello: It ain’t so! At least not yet anyway! Life co-star Donal Logue told us at the Monsters vs Aliens premiere that NBC probably won’t make a decision until May. And unlike you, the uncertainty isn’t keeping him up nights. “I am in a different position on this show than on shows I have done in the past where I was more the lead or title character,” he says. “On other shows I have done, I would be more in Damien’s position. He’s the one that is really feeling the concern. I feel free and open; it has been a great experience.” Logue adds that they’re shooting the season (or series?) finale as we speak. “It is really a super action-packed episode and it will answer a lot of questions. I think it is a very strong script and, so far, what we have shot looks great. Charlie confronts the deep dark parts in this episode. He is going to confront the conspiracy against him and it gets pretty intense.”

  • A message received from Sharon, Damian’s assistant in LA, confirms that March 26th is the last day of filming for Life – Season 2. Regarding the future of the show, Sharon said that “no one knows anything – I know that for sure! Tomorrow is the last day of filming….I’ll send more info when I get it!”

  • TV Guide Magazine has published their “2009 Sexiest Stars on TV” list and Sarah Shahi who plays Dani Reese on Life was named the “Sexiest Sidekick” with 45% of the viewer votes. Damian Lewis was a runner up in the “Sexiest Male Cop” category; click here for more information at
  • This NBC press release shares good news about viewer ratings for Life:

    Wednesday from 9-10 p.m. ET, “Life” (1.5/4 in 18-49, 4.3 million viewers overall) built on its lead-in from the previous hour by 25 percent in 18-49 rating and 27 percent in total viewers, despite intense competition in the hour from Fox’s “American Idol,” ABC’s “Lost” and CBS’s “Criminal Minds.” It is worth noting that “Life” has been adding an average 23 percent in adults 18-49 when going from “live plus same day” to “live plus seven day” results, one of the biggest increases for any show on the major networks.

  • The Personal Pineapple site has a new update of news and links for Life.

  • Thanks to Linda for the news that Season 2 of Life will premiere on RTL TV1 in Belgium on March 31st at 20:20.

  • Robert Fulford of The National Post published this article about the star of Life saying:

    “Damian Lewis, who looks every inch a tough American, turns out to be part of the extensive British invasion of American TV. At school Lewis played the villainous Wackford Squeers in Dickens’s Nicholas Nickleby and … he was Laertes to Ralph Fiennes’ Hamlet. On TV he became Soames in the remake of The Forsyte Saga. In 2001 Steven Spielberg escorted him into American TV by casting him in Band of Brothers, HBO’s 10-part series about the American army fighting its way east from Normandy in 1944-45.”

  • On Sunday, March 29th BBC Radio 4’s “Classic Serial” broadcast of Something Fresh by PG Wodehouse will feature Helen McCrory as “Joan Valentine” and “Ioan Gruffudd” as Ashe Marson. The second part of this 2-part program will air on April 5th. This “Classic Serial” program will be available for online listening for 7 days after the original broadcast. Click here for more information. Thanks to Dotty for the news about this exciting new radio production!

  • Great news! Band of Brothers starring Damian Lewis will broadcast in the US on Spike TV in the 3rd quarter of 2009; click here for more information.

  • The Baker starring Damian Lewis is currently screening at the 12th Annual European Film Festival at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago. Click here for scans from the festival program.

    The British Consulate-General, Chicago published this statement about UK films screening at the festival.

  • Click here for information about The Escapist at the Independent Film Festival of Boston next month.

  • According to IMDb the Belgian and Dutch theatrical release dates for The Escapist have been changed once again!

    » Netherlands: 25 June 2009

    » Belgium: 12 August 2009

  • An Unfinished Life with Damian Lewis will screen in Salisbury, North Carolina on on April 1st at the Center For Faith and the Arts; click here for more information. Thanks to Ann for the heads-up!
  • Sliktamagyar has created a “LIFE – titles/intro” music video and posted it on YouTube.