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  • The Northern Rock All Star Golf Cup has begun!

    » Click here for a photo of Damian Lewis having fun at the tournament! Click here for additional pictures from today’s event (including some nice images provided by dryope.)

    » According to this article more than 38,000 spectators are expected to turn out to watch the event!
  • Click here to read about the Stormbreaker exhibition at the London Eye.
  • Selene drew our attention to the fact that many of the great Damian Lewis videos and music clips featured in the Multimedia section can also be downloaded from Youtube.

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  • A big thank you to Kay for sharing the text of a terrific new interview with Helen McCrory in today’s ES Magazine. We learn a great deal about this talented and interesting woman and also get to hear about Damian and Helen’s new home and wedding plans! Kaz also drew our attention to the trailer for Helen McCrory’s new film The Queen starring Helen Mirren.
  • Welcome to all our new members! There are now over 4000 fans subscribed to the Damian Lewis Yahoo! Group!
  • Thanks to Vera of Acting Naturally, the Julia Stiles fansite, for the large, gorgeous photos of Damian Lewis from the recent Mark C. O’Flaherty photoshoot. Click
    here to enjoy all of these wonderful images.
  • Jen provided the schedule for September’s Damian Lewis broadcasts on Australian television including Friends and Crocodiles, The Forsyte Saga, Colditz, and Poirot: Hickory, Dickory, Dock. (Lucky Aussies!)
  • Selene shared this article and the updated ITV broadcast schedule for the Northern Rock All Star Golf Cup where Damian Lewis and the European team will defend their title against the American team. (Go Team Europe!)
  • Ann posted this review for the release of An Unfinished Life on Malta, including a photo of Damian Lewis and Jennifer Lopez.
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  • As an ambassador for the Christian Aid organization, Damian Lewis will take part in the Stop Poverty/Trade Justice activities in London on September 14th!
  • Welcome to our terrific new affiliates Sienna Online and Cillian Murphy Fan!

  • Keane Update!

    » Distribution agreements have been finalized for the theatrical
    release of Keane in Spain, no release dates yet.

    » Damian Lewis is still scheduled to participate in the Q&A session on September 20th at the Soho Curzon Cinema advance screening of Keane but director Lodge Kerrigan will not be able to attend. The film will be theatrically released in the UK on September 22nd.

    » Damian’s young Keane co-star Abigail Breslin will appear on an upcoming episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

    » Contact Soda Pictures, the UK distributor for Keane, to request the film in your area and also to ask for the movie on Region 2 DVD.

    » Show support for this brilliant film by rating Keane on IMDb.

    » Contact Magnolia Pictures, the US distributor, and ask them to show Keane on US television.

    » Contact the Independent Film Channel (IFC) and the Sundance Channel to ask them to show Keane on television.

    » Ask your local library to add the Keane DVD to their collection
    (or donate a copy to them if you can!)
    Please show your support for Damian Lewis and this excellent film!
  • Click here to enjoy Marlin’s fanart of Damian Lewis in Stormbreaker.
  • This article discusses Damian’s participation in the Northern Rock All Star Golf Cup on August 26th through 28th.
  • Countdown to 4000 members, there are currently 3999 members enrolled in the Damian Lewis Yahoo! Group! (Who will be number 4000?!)

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  • Stormbreaker update!
    » Click here to download scans, provided by KathyV, of Damian Lewis as “Yassen the Assassin” from the new Stormbreaker Behind the Scenes book.

    » Ann shared news of a title change for Stormbreaker, it will screen at the Toronto International Film Festival under the name Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker.

    » Alex Pettyfer is listed to attend the festival but (as expected) Damian Lewis will not attend.
  • Martha (scribe773), a member of the Damian Lewis Yahoo! Group suffered a serious injury more than two months ago and she hasn’t had access to any Damian information or programs during all that time! Contact
    KathyV if you would like to send her a card to cheer her up.
  • Ann discovered that Entertainment Tonight will feature a story about Helen McCrory’s new film The Queen tomorrow night, August 24th.
  • Click here for ITV’s profile of Damian Lewis for the Northern Star All Star Golf Cup in August.

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  • Promotions are starting for the October 6th US release of Stormbreaker featuring Damian Lewis; click here for a preview article in Entertainment Weekly.
  • Wardrobe items worn by Damian Lewis as Richard Winters in Band of Brothers are back up for auction on eBay!
  • Some lucky members are currently enjoying a re-broadcast of The Forsyte Saga on selected US PBS stations; click here and here for the images and text from the classic April 2002 Marie Claire interview about the series with Ioan Gruffudd and Damian Lewis.