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  • Thanks to Jen for updating us about upcoming Damian Lewis programs on Australian TV including: Friends and Crocodiles and Brides on Showtime in June; Colditz on Hallmark in June and July; Keane on World Movies in June; and An Unfinished Life on Movie One in June. Check the Schedule for more information about upcoming Damian Lewis performances around the world and contact Selene with information about Damian Lewis events in your area.
  • The 12 semifinalists in the
    MyMovie MashUp competition have been announced and unfortunately Gareth Lewis’s short film Normal for Norfolk was not selected. This smart and funny movie was produced by Damian Lewis and features Helen McCrory. The film is currently available for viewing online.

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  • According to this Times Online article about Love and Virtue (the epic film written by Dr. Mia Sperber and scheduled to star Damian Lewis as the romantic hero Orlando/Roland) will begin filming in late August. Director Raoul Ruiz is quoted from Cannes as saying:

    “…when Dr Sperber sent him the script, he was intrigued. “There were so many possibilities. If I were to single out what most stands out about Love and Virtue, it would be its extraordinarily poetic and visionary character.” He said that the script’s philosophical and spiritual content was “coupled with great action, so rarely found in projects today”.

  • Many current articles are speculating about the recent, executive-level reorganization at NBC but according to TV Guide the changes in leadership are not expected to affect the network’s fall schedule that includes Damian Lewis starring in
    Life at 10 PM on Wednesday nights.

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  • Update from Picture Farm about Rupert Wyatt’s film The Escapist with Damian Lewis: “The Escapist will be in Post until September however the screening of the Promo down at Cannes by our International Sales Agent Vertigo was a great success.”
  • Damian Lewis will not appear in It Takes Two! this week – A recent article in the Observer suggested that Damian Lewis would perform onstage May 31st and/or June 1st at Theatro Technis in London for the new Scene and Heard charitable event. However, new information obtained from Scene and Heard indicates that although Damian Lewis was present for a recent event on May 10th he is not expected to participate in this week’s activities.
  • Lodge Kerrigan, the writer/director of Keane starring Damian Lewis, has an exciting new film project titled Thieves; click here to read more about it, and click here for a photo of Damian Lewis, Helen McCrory, and Lodge Kerrigan at the Keane after-party at the London International Film Festival in 2005.

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  • Plans are moving forward for a summer wedding! According to this report Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory were in the Islington Registry Office in North London on May 11th applying for a marriage license for a summer wedding. The best of luck to them!
  • Damian Lewis was spotted this weekend at the Hay Festival in Wales. According to this report one of the events he attended was a presentation by Eric Hobsbawm. Since Damian was seen wearing an (empty) baby sling we can assume that the family were with him. The Hay festival is a gathering of writers “in every medium in Britain and around the world.” It sounds like a lovely weekend!
  • Insignificance, the new BBC Radio 4 play featuring Damian Lewis will air on June 9th from 2.30-4.00 PM; click here for more information.
  • There’s been a major personnel shake-up at NBC Entertainment that could affect the scheduling and premiere of Life starring Damian Lewis!

    Several high-level executives, including President Kevin Reilly, have been replaced and industry trade publications are predicting significant scheduling changes (and even some delays) for NBC’s fall line-up of programs.

    However, when the dust settles, this could turn out to be a good thing for Life as there has been general agreement that the unlikely pairing of The Bionic Woman and Life on Wednesday nights will face tough competition from the other US networks. For the best chance of success, Life needs a good day/time slot and strong promotion; otherwise it could just disappear like many fine programs that were handled poorly in the past. Keep your fingers crossed that Life gets a fair chance!

  • According to this eBroadcast article Australian television channels 10 and 7 are considering acquiring LIFE, the new NBC series starring Damian Lewis, for their fall schedule. Australian fans are encouraged to contact their networks to request the show.
  • Reminder! Keane starring Damian Lewis will air on Foxtel World Movies in Australia on Monday, June 4th at 10:20 PM with encore screenings on Tuesday, June 5th at June 12:55 PM and Sunday, July 1st at 10:15 PM.

    This review of Keane states:

    “…I don’t think anybody could deny that Damian Lewis’ performance is anything less than world class. Playing a troubled loner with serious mental problems is not easy. Making that character sympathetic and conveying the pain and misery of mental illness, in the way the actor does in Keane, is nothing short of astounding…”

  • Click here for a new interview with Philip Haas, director of The Situation starring Damian Lewis.

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  • Warriors is the the Peter Kosminsky BBC mini-series (starring Damian Lewis, Matthew Macfadyen, Ioan Gruffudd, and Jodhi May) that received the “Best Serial Drama” BAFTA award in 2000. It will air on the UKTV Drama network on June 2nd and 3rd; a big thank you to M Cox for sharing this information!
  • Click here for information about Theo Green, composer of the musical score for Rupert Wyatt’s film The Escapist starring Damian Lewis.