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  • Click here for a Cannes International Film Festival report (attributed to Screen International) stating that Echo Bridge has invested $36 million in Raoul Ruiz’s film Love and Virtue that will star Damian Lewis.
  • This review of The Situation starring Damian Lewis says:

    “…Director Philip Haas has crafted a seamless look at a world most of
    us will never know. Haas brings the audience as close to the action
    as possible. The camera is always another guest at a dinner table or
    conversation, and never runs away from gunfire or explosions that
    inundate many of the film’s scenes. The Situation is presented in a
    way that neither criticizes nor excuses what is happening and who is
    involved, but makes the audience decide for themselves how they feel.”

  • Click here for information about British films currently in progress including The Escapist starring Damian Lewis.

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  • CanWest Media Works will broadcast Life starring Damian Lewis in Canada this fall! ➡

    According to Barbara Williams, CanWest’s senior vice president of programming, “…Wednesday at 10 is Life (starring Damian Lewis from Band of Brothers), and that may be the one. It’s a great, strong detective show, and it delivers on that front, but it looks and sounds so different, with a quiet intensity to it. It has a great procedural strength, but it also has a couple of big arcs to the whole story that I think are fascinating.”

  • Updates for The Situation:

    » A representative of Shadow Distribution sent thanks to the members of the Damian Lewis Yahoo! Group for their “continuing interest and support for The
    starring Damian Lewis.” He confirmed that the film is opening in North Carolina this week “at the Carolina Theater in Durham on Friday and at Thalian Hall in Wilmington on Monday.”

    » The Situation will also open in Vancouver, Canada on Monday at the Vancity Theatre.

    » Cover art for the Region 1 (US and Canada) DVD is now available; it will be released in the US on July 31st.

  • Click here (PDF file) to read about the “UK Films for Sale” at the Cannes International Film Festival including Picture Farm’s features The Baker (Gareth Lewis) and the
    The Escapist (Rupert Wyatt) both starring Damian Lewis.

  • Site update! Click here to access the new Chromophobia project preview page. Director Martha Fiennes traveled to Spain recently for the film’s release in that country; she was accompanied by two cast members, her brother Ralph Fiennes and co-star Kristen Scott Thomas.
  • In the US HBO On Demand subscribers can view episodes of Band of Brothers at any time (and at no additional charge) now through June 21st. An IGA Research study concluded that Band of Brothers is the History Channel’s “highest engagement cable program” (indicating highest viewer recall of advertisements). Furthermore, the series was the only highest scoring program on any cable network that was not original content.

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  • Variety reports that renowned television director Daniel Sackheim has agreed to direct and executive produce (for 2 years) the new NBC Universal serial drama Life starring Damian Lewis as L.A. Detective Charlie Crews. Rand Ravich will continue to write and executive produce the series along with executive producer Far Shariat. Click here to access the Zap2it site for Life.
  • Thanks to everyone who voted for Damian Lewis in the Hello! Magazine Most Attractive Man of the Week poll. Damian (Major Richard Winters) came in second after Johnny Depp (Captain Jack Sparrow) and ahead of Ioan Gruffudd (Commodore Horatio Hornblower); 3 very talented, attractive and “commanding” men!
  • A Variety report from the Cannes International Film Festival states that European producers currently favor film adaptations of classic literature such as Love and Virtue, the upcoming Raoul Ruiz film based upon
    Song of Roland, starring Damian Lewis as Orlando (Roland).

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  • Polls! Show your support for Damian Lewis and his work!
    » Let know that you plan to tune in and watch Damian Lewis in Life!
    » Comment about the Life and rate the show’s video clips at the NBC Life site.
    » Vote for Life as a highly anticipated new production at the TV Guide site.
    » Comment favorably about your anticipation for Life at IMDb.
    » Vote for Damian Lewis as Hello! Magazine’s Most Attractive Man of the Week!

  • Stormbreaker featuring Damian Lewis will screen at the European Film Festival in Myanmar, China which runs from June 9th through the 16th.

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  • This Observer article says that Damian Lewis will perform onstage May 31st and June 1st at Theatro Technis in London for a new Scene and Heard event. Scene and Heard is an organization that pairs inner city children with theatrical professionals to teach them the theatre arts. Click here to listen to Damian reading Beauty & Death, an S&H play written by 11 year-old Promi Chowdhury which aired last December on BBC Radio.
  • The US Court TV network is currently showing a clip featuring the cast of Life – filmed at the recent NBC Upfront event – on their Hollywood Heat program. The clip includes Damian Lewis, Adam Arkin, and Sarah Shahi and will be repeated this Friday at 3:30 AM ET, Saturday at 11:30 PM ET, Sunday 3:30 AM ET, and Sunday at 12:30 PM ET. (Thanks to Debbie and Ann for the head’s up!)
  • According to Variety, representatives from international television networks will be in Hollywood for the next 10 days for the “LA Screenings” to view and purchase American TV programs for broadcast outside of the US; contact your local television networks now to request Life starring Damian Lewis!
  • Variety also confirms that The Baker screened at the Cannes Film Market on May 18th and shows the length of the film as “85 mins.”
  • This CinEuropa article about the Goalpost Film features currently being promoted at the Cannes Film Market includes a comment from Goalpost’s sales executive Tristan Whalley describing
    Rupert Wyatt’s film The Escapist (with Damian Lewis) as a “high octane prison escape thriller!”